W7 Prime Magic Primer (Purple) Review

W7 Prime Magic Primer

W7 Prime Magic Primer

Yay! my first review 🙂

Okay, so today I want to talk about this W7 primer I found on eBay (seller links below). The seller provides all 3 colors of it at around $6.99 Canadian dollar each with FREE international shipping. I have the purple color which is supposed to be “anti-dulling”, there is also a green to combat redness and a clear one.
This primer really surprised me as I have both drugstore and high-end primers and comparing it to those, this really has a unique formula. At first when you squeeze some out of the tube it looks very purple that you’d think the pigmentation would show up on your skin however, once blended in you can’t see the purple anymore.

W7 Prime Magic Primer

There is 30mL of product in this squeeze tube, which is standard for a primer. I use about 1/3 of product you see on the back of my hand in the pictures and spread it on my nose, cheeks (where my pores are more noticeable), chin, and the middle of my forehead.

At first when you apply it, it feels very greasy and for me I thought I was going to have to remove it. (I have an oily T-zone) However, it dried fast in about 30 seconds and blurred out my pores in a way no other primer has before. I would definitely use this on a no-makeup day just to blur out any imperfections.

I haven’t tried the Benefit Porefessional, but from hearing other reviews of its silicon feel and blurring effects I would think this could be similar to that. It doesn’t necessarily prolong my makeup any more than the other primers I’ve tried but it allows any foundation (especially a matte one) to glide so effortlessly and flawlessly on your face and blend in really well.
I would recommend this for everyone especially drier skin types but not for the super oily, just because it really wouldn’t help with oil control, unless you use a really good powder.

W7 makeup (Warpaint cosmetics) is a UK brand that was created in 2002. They are cruelty free; they do not test on animals. All their products are made in England.

Have you tried this primer or any other W7 cosmetics?

Click here to be directed to W7 Cosmetics website.

Click here or here to be directed to the eBay sellers for the CLEAR color. (please check both as their prices change so that you can get the best deal)

Click here for the W7 primer in PURPLE (anti-dullness) eBay seller link.

Click here for the W7 primer in GREEN (anti-redness) eBay seller link.


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