Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder Review

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

Hi again!

I purchased this from eBay a while ago for around $10, and I’m so happy that I did! This was my first Korres product and I did not know much about the brand, other than they make their products without any harsh chemicals that are used in regular beauty products. They do not contain mineral oil, which is amazing for me because whenever I use a product with mineral oil, little bumps appear on my forehead after a few days. The package (box), which I forgot to take pictures of, also states that it does not include propylene glycol and ethanolamine and is dermatologically tested.

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

On the side of the box it says:

“This light powder with Wild Rose, a natural source of vitamin C, helps to repair the look of fine lines and brightens uneven skin tone.” I did not necessarily see any sudden brightness when I applied it, but I know that vitamin C does work for brightening the complexion. After using my vitamin C serum at night, I wake up with a brightener complexion.

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

When I first got this and opened it, I thought that the shade would be too dark for me. It is the second lightest shade, but when I lightly tap my brush into it and use it all over my face except for the under-eye area, which I use a different powder for, it works. The shade looks pink in the compact but the shade name is “Golden Fair” but it is neither pink nor yellow (golden), it looks neutral like a true fair color. It doesn’t necessarily provide much coverage with the way I use it, but I don’t rely on my powder for coverage, the only thing I want from it is oil-control and it does a good job at that.

The only downside that I experienced from this powder is when I pick up too much on my brush and apply, I can clearly see it sitting on my skin and looking very cake-y. It absorbs oil very well, but this can also mean drying out my skin and causing some flakiness when too much is packed on. It is ideal for touch-ups because of this.

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

It has a sponge underneath the powder, but I can’t use this because it will pick up too much product, I have to use this with a big fluffy brush.

Overall, I recommend this for super oily skin. It is a unique powder because it does not contain any harmful ingredients like some that do.

Have you tried any Korres products? What did you think of it?

Click here to purchase or search for “Korres Powder” in an eBay search box to pick your shade as they are listed separately.


e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set Review


I can not believe that I have over 200 followers! Thank you for showing interest in my blog! I honestly do this for fun in my spare time because I love to help my friends and family decide on which products to get so I thought: why not put my input about different products online for everyone? I’m thankful to all the beauty bloggers that write reviews because it has helped me tremendously to not buy products that I won’t like and waste my money. Now for the review…

e.l.f. makeup mist & set

This product is suppose to prolong your makeup but in all honesty I do not think it made much of a difference, at least I didn’t notice any difference. It did however, set my makeup well(“setting” in my powder), but so can my rose water face spray that I mixed myself. (80% water/20% rose water) I actually prefer my rose water because I see a difference in my skin when I use that; it brightens and softens. This has beneficial ingredients in it but at the end of the day, I do not notice the difference like I did with the rose water.

I read reviews about this spray online that it smells bad, but mine does not smell unless you really try to sniff it and even then, it is not bad. Overall, I would recommend this for someone that wants to set or “refresh” their makeup and does not have an oily t-zone like me. (That is why it did not work as well I think) Also, the price is amazing at only $3 for a 60mL bottle.

Do you recommend any makeup setting sprays that prolong makeup wear?

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NYX Blush in Taupe (Contour) Review

nyx taupe blushnyx taupe blush

Hi again!

I have heard so much about this NYX powder blush in the shade taupe. I have never been able to spot it in any of the stores that carry NYX products, so when I saw it on eBay I had to try it out for myself. I have a very light skin tone naturally, so when I’m not tanned it is very hard for me to get a natural looking contour during the day.

nyx taupe blush

The shade is perfect for contouring on lighter skin tones because it is a grey-ish brown and is very cool-toned. I use it to contour my cheekbones, nose, and even on my eyes; in the crease. This powder however, lacks in pigmentation and the top forms a layer that must be scratched off every so often. It would not even swatch but when i use a brush and roughly swirl it around I get a small amount of product. I see that as a positive because it is always better to have less than to look over-contoured, which can happen very easily for me. NYX has this shade in a new HD formula which I want to try out to compare.

Have you tried this or the HD blush in taupe?

I just did a search for this item on eBay and it seems to be sold out currently.

Stila Tinted Moisturizer Review+Swatches

Stila Tinted Moisturizer3

Stila Tinted Moisturizer5

Hello again!

Even the palest person gets a slight tan in the summer and for someone like me, whose foundations/BB creams/tinted moisturizers are all very light it means going out to buy new ones in a darker shade. However, this year I decided to purchase this Stila tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 in a darker tone to mix with other foundations to darken them up and to add that SPF because I get burned easily. For the sake of this review I applied it alone on a day when I was home but obviously this is darker and a bit orange-ish alone on my skin tone so I would not wear it by itself. I have used it with my ELF BB cream in fair, which is too pale for me and I loved the formula when mixed 50/50 and the color was perfect.

Stila Tinted Moisturizer2Stila Tinted Moisturizer1

I got this at a great price, all the seller links down below. You can purchase it for less than $8 CAD! The texture of this tinted moisturizer is a thick cream, I had to squeeze hard (it’s a squeeze tube) to get the product out. The first thing I noticed when I put it on was the strong sunscreen scent but honestly, it didn’t bother me much. I have an oily t-zone but small dry patches on my nose and under eyes. I always apply foundation with a flat top brush and this spread and blended really well without any work.

Stila Tinted Moisturizer4

It has a light coverage as the name implies (sheer color), therefore, it doesn’t fully cover my acne discoloration scars fully. However, you could always go over those with a concealer. It has a satin finish and layers extremely well; it is impossible to cake up. It sits very nicely on my skin, does not sink into pores and sets pretty quickly. It does not need to be set with powder since it does not look shiny/dewy/oily if you have dry skin, but I have to set my t-zone. The lasting power is good, it will last all day as I felt it grip onto my skin but at the same time felt extremely weightless and light.

I recommend this for mixing with other full coverage or lighter foundations because it lacks coverage and when mixed with another foundation makes the formula amazing to work with and sits very nicely on the skin + has SPF 30!

If you search on eBay “Stila Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30” you will find the listings, since there are different shades and they are constantly selling out I will include only a few on this post:

Click here for “Tan” (Dark 1)

Click here for “Dark” (Medium 3)

Have you tried the Stila Tinted Moisturizer?

E.L.F. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow

e.l.f. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow3e.l.f. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow1

Hi again!

I’m so excited for this review today because this little e.l.f. eye shadow is one of the prettiest gold shadows I’ve seen. I have the shade ‘toast’ and it is not yellow nor bronze- but the perfect gold shade. It is a unique formula because it feels like a mousse-cream texture and it applies very smoothly.

e.l.f. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow5

e.l.f. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow

I use this mainly on my inner corners because I feel that it does not completely ‘set’ like the smudge pots, therefore it is a bit of a risk using it all over the lids. However, it does stay on the inner corner for 5+ hours.

e.l.f. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow2 e.l.f. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow4

I really love using this when I do a black/brown smokey eye; it compliments the warm shades very well. I also had this for a while and it has not dried out or changed in texture.

Click here to be directed to the E.L.F. website

And as always, thank you for reading my post!

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye liner

Hi everyone!

Before my review on the Laura Mercier tightline cake eye liner, I want to individually thank each one of you for “following” my blog. I look forward to writing each of my reviews, I have fun trying to be creative with my pictures and get so excited and happy when I see others “liking” my posts. I never imagined to get over 100 followers in 3 weeks of starting my blog! I’m very thankful.

Laura Mercier Cake Eye LinerLaura Mercier Cake Eye Liner2

I was interested in this liner because it is different than pencil or stick liners, gel liners, liquid liners, etc. I had never tried a “cake” liner and so when I saw an eBay seller posting this for $12 CAD I had to order it. (originally $24 USD) It is now only $9.44 CAD! (seller links below as always) The seller offers 2 colors: navy and brown, I will be reviewing the navy (bleu marine) color today.

Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner6 Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner3Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner1

I love the navy color, it is an almost-black shade but has that blue hue which helps brighten the eyes. To apply it you must wet your brush and swirl it around to create a paste consistency and then apply quickly before it dries. I like to pat it and then wiggle it slightly on my tightline and water line and try to not blink as much to allow it to dry. When it dries it sets in place and does not smudge at all during the day.

Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner5 Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner4

This claims to be “transfer-resistant” but I do not believe it to be so because it transferred on my finger as I rubbed the back of my hand after these swatches; it faded but did not smudge. At the end of the day I have about half of the product that I applied in the morning on my eyes, which is enough for me to like it. My favorite part is that it is not creamy and wont gather up in the corner of my eyes, which I hate.

Have you tried any cake liners?

Click here for the Blue Marine shade (eBay seller)

Click here for the Mahogany Brown shade (eBay seller)

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal [New Shades]

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal

Hi again!

L.A. Girl recently came out with new shades of their famous pro conceal concealer, there are some lighter ones, some darker ones, and color-correcting ones. Today I will review “porcelain”, “light ivory”, and “classic ivory” (not new).

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal6L.A. Girl Pro Conceal7L.A. Girl Pro Conceal4

I absolutely love the formula, as it dries fast and is the only concealer that does not crease under my eyes. It is very pigmented and lasts all day. It is the least expensive concealer I own and the most used and loved one in my collection! My only issue with this concealer is the shades that were available, and as many of you have heard, were not light enough for very fair-skinned people like myself. The lightest shade they had was “classic ivory” and from the swatches below you will see that it was very pink-toned. When I swatched it months ago for the first time, I was shocked at how dark it was but I tried it anyway and it seemed to work because the pink cancelled out my blue veins. However, I like my concealer to be a shade lighter than my skin because I like the highlighted look. So, when I saw that they brought in 2 shades which were lighter than classic ivory I quickly ordered them to compare.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal9 L.A. Girl Pro Conceal12

Starting from the top to bottom: porcelain, light ivory, and classic ivory. The porcelain shade is perfect for very fair skin tones because it does not have a very yellow or pink under tone. The light ivory has a yellow undertone and of course, the classic ivory has that pink, salmon color to it. Just a note, in the picture the classic ivory swatch has little clumps in it because I did not wipe off the tip, this happens because the concealer dries very fast, but once blended in the lumps disappear.

What do you think about this concealer? Have you tried it or do you want to?

Click here to be directed to their website.

Click here for an eBay seller link. (they offer combined shipping)

And, as always thank you for reading my review!