Sleek Face Contour Kit (Light) Review + Swatches

Sleek Face Contour Kit

Sleek Contour Kit

Hello again, hope your Sundays are going well!

Today I have a review and swatches on the Sleek MakeUp face contour kit in LIGHT. If you haven’t heard of Sleek, it is a UK brand, they describe their products as having strong pigmentation and being high quality. Since this brand is not available in Canada, you can either purchase it directly from their website or buy it on eBay. I choose to buy it on eBay because I found a great seller (links below) that sold this for $10.99 CAD with FREE international shipping.

Sleek Contour Kit

Sleek Contour Kit

First off I really like the packaging it is sleek and compact, great for travelling as it has two products in one. You can tell I have really used this product with all the makeup markings on the compact. It is a smooth plastic case, it’s not like the NARS packaging but it still gets makeup marks on it.

Sleek Contour KitSleek Contour Kit

This contour kit consists of a warm contour shade and an extremely pigmented almost-pink, champagne color. They also have this contour kit in medium and dark. The highlight shade does not have any glitter in it and is much more pigmented than the contour shade as you will see from the finger swatches below; it is intense! Some bloggers even compare it to the The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer.

The contour shade looks very warm at first but when blended in and used with a light hand it somehow just works. My skin tone is very light, so I do prefer a cooler taupe shade to contour with during the day as this looks the most natural but when my skin tone is a bit darker, it works for me.

Sleek Contour KitSleek Contour Kit

The only problem I see with this product is that both contour and highlighter do not last as long as I would like on my face. I do have somewhat oily skin but I feel this just fades away too fast, so I like to use it when I know I will only be going out for less than 5 hours or so. Also, once when I was self-tanned I tried using this as a bronzer and that went horribly wrong, it applied patchy; so I will stick with using it as an cheekbone and nose contour for night.

What is your favorite contour product? Do you like cooker or warmer tones?

Click here for the Sleek contour kit in LIGHT, MEDIUM, and DARK

(Unfortunately, the seller has sold out of these kits but I found a new seller that is offering them for the same price)


2 thoughts on “Sleek Face Contour Kit (Light) Review + Swatches

  1. I so understand this so much i find that if i go shopping throughout the day with will droop and keep dropping i find that is the problem with most deugstore brands. Good post 💓


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