e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Review

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ELF Flawless Finish Foundation


Today I’d thought I’d do a review on this foundation because personally, every time I order off of ELF’s website I skip on the foundations because I thought the quality would be lacking and didn’t want to bother with it. However, last time I included this as well as the acne fighting one, and I’m very happy I did!

This foundation is oil-free and contains an SPF of 15. It says on the back of the bottle to “reapply every 2 hours” which leads me to believe the SPF will wear off in 2 hours. It already has such a low SPF in the first place; so not recommended to be used instead of sunscreen.

This foundation is a light to medium coverage, depending on how much/how many layers you put on. And the consistency is not runny and not too thick. The color however is a bit too dark for being porcelain, which is the lightest color they carry, so if you are very pale I would not recommend just because of the shade.

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

The packaging is very nice, it is thick glass/plastic case that looks high-end. It has 23 grams of product in it, which is less than an average foundation. It has a pump however, the pump sucks up air and you have to be careful that it doesn’t splatter all over your clothes. I found this out the hard way as the pump was working fine at first but one random day (it had to be when I was wearing white), it ruined my top.

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

Before I talk about how it applies and looks on my face, I want to describe my skin: I have an oily t-zone but dry under eyes, I also have noticeable pores but it’s not bad where it would bother me, and usually primer helps a lot with that. I use to have acne on my cheeks since the end of high school but it has completely stopped a few months ago and now I’m left with a few scars; which just has darker pigmentation than the rest of my skin. (it did not change the texture of my skin).

So, this foundation glides on very well and melts into my skin. I use a flat top brush to apply it. It feels wet at first but within a minute it dries down to an almost matte finish on my face. I would still powder because of my oily t-zone and because this foundation isn’t very long-lasting. I would say it disappears on my face in 4-5 hours. It also tends to crease and sink in my laugh lines. I assumed this foundation would be dewy, I’m not sure why, but all-in-all I do recommend this foundation for days when you want to go out for a few hours. It’s a nice option to have in my makeup collection for $3.00 USD. (I purchased it during 50% off)

What do you think of ELF’s foundations?

Click here to be directed to ELF’s American/Canadian website.


4 thoughts on “e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Review

  1. the packaging reminds me of the sleek foundation! I just wish that elf would undate their website for ireland because currently I can only buy specific items which is annoying! would love to try this product out though xx

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