W7 Loads of Lashes Review

W7 Loads of Lashes

W7 Loads of Lashes

W7 Loads of Lashes

Hi everyone!

The weather is amazing today and I’m in such a good mood, so I decided to get fancy with the pictures. Do you like this style better or is it too busy?

This item is a fairly new concept in the makeup world. It is a tube of fibers that you brush on in the middle of your mascara application so that it mimics the look of false lashes without the need of glue and waiting.

W7 Loads of Lashes

So the application is as follows: first I put on a layer of mascara and quickly apply the fibers. It felt very strange at first brushing hair onto my lashes but most of the hairs did stick but some fell onto my cheek. Then I resumed with the second layer of mascara. I noticed that the fibers were being pulled off of my lashes by the mascara wand, so they weren’t sticking to my lashes. I tried a “wetter” mascara another day, but it just did the same thing and pulled off the majority. I believe other fiber lash kits include their own mascaras because it has a more stickier first coat I’m guessing, so this problem wouldn’t occur.

The fibers in this are white, I would have preferred black just because if I missed coating some it would not look strange.

 W7 Loads of Lashes

The only idea that came next to make this work was to use this with only one mascara so that the fibers and the mascara would be mixed in the tube and I can just apply it once and have both. That actually worked out quite well and the fibers better stuck with that method. I got this idea from a mascara I already own and love. The Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions is a mascara with the fibers in it.

As for this product, I would recommend to those who are curious about fiber extensions but don’t want to spend $30+ experimenting.

What do you think about the “fiber extension” concept?

Click here to be directed to W7 Cosmetics Website.

Click here to buy it on eBay!


4 thoughts on “W7 Loads of Lashes Review

  1. I’ve never really been pushed to buy any fiber mascaras! I dunno I feel like I could achieve a better look with falsies because I feel the fibers sometimes makes your lashes look clumpy! but w7 is such an affordable brand I might just give it a go and not have to spend too much on bigger branded fiber mascaras xx

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