W7 Get Set Shadow Base Review + Swatches

W7 Eyeshadow Base

Hi again! Hope your Saturdays are going well so far!

I really wanted to talk about these W7 eye shadow bases today because I haven’t seen them being reviewed at all. I found them for $3.66 CAD (white) and $4.50 CAD (natural).

W7 Eyeshadow Base

So let’s first talk about the texture of these: they are very creamy and pigmented but can be sheered out on the eyelids if desired. They do need to be set as they crease without any powder on top. The ‘natural’ color is darker than my skin tone however, when I apply eye shadow on top it does not darken the colors. As you can see in the picture blow, it has a orange tint to it and I feel that cancels out the blue-ish, purple veins I have on my eye lids.

The ‘white’ color is a softer cream texture, it can be sheered out much easier than the ‘natural’ one. It also feels a bit greasier and creases more. Keep in mind that there are 2 white colors available, this one is simply named ‘white’, while the other is ‘white pearl’.

W7 Eyeshadow Base

Overall, I recommend the ‘natural’ color because it is nice as an eye shadow base; not the best, but it definitely helps with creasing. The ‘white’ color I do not like very much because of it’s greasier texture, it does not perform as well.

Click here to go to W7’s Website.

Click here for the ‘natural’ color (will be put as soon as it comes in stock on eBay)

Click here for the ‘white’ color


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