Ebay Lashes Review

eBay Lashes

Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve found these packages of lashes on eBay at a ridiculously low price. I was hesitant to try them out because I thought that the quality would be horrible but then again, for the price I thought it was worth the experiment. Excuse the empty spaces, I tried them out of course before writing this review. I bought two different types, they are both natural looking but the right one in the picture has longer end lashes, which adds a little bit more drama. They both have an invisible band that is very flexible. The actual hairs do not get pulled out when I removed them. Personally, I use one of these around 5 times and even then, they are not damaged because I’m very gentle with them. One thing I want to add, is that I rub an alcohol pad on every lash before I use them because they are not in a sealed box.

eBay Lashes3

After finishing my eye makeup and liner, I apply mascara to my natural lashes and then coat a thin layer of DUO lash glue to the lash strip (making sure to put extra on both ends). Then I gently bend the lashes to make it slightly curved and put them on!

eBay Lashes4

The lashes above are my favorite out of the two packs I got because they make my eyes look huge. (They were $2.75 CAD) The one below is very natural, when I wore them I forgot that I even had lashes on! ($1.63 CAD)

eBay Lashes7

I strongly recommend these lashes because they are amazing quality for the price. The seller has many other styles and designs to choose from, so run and get some!

Click here for the more natural lashes.

Click here for my favorite of the two.


6 thoughts on “Ebay Lashes Review

  1. I’ve been wondering about lashes on eBay too!! I always see the super cheap prices and think uhhh, maybe there is a reason why they are so cheap. But now I’m really re thinking that. Thanks for this. I will totally check them out. I wonder if they have more dramatic ones…

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    • When I see people on youtube saying they re-use their lashes 25 times, I just get freaked out. I throw mine out even if they are fine because I’m afraid to get an eye infection if I use it too many times.


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