L.A. Girl Pro Conceal [New Shades]

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal

Hi again!

L.A. Girl recently came out with new shades of their famous pro conceal concealer, there are some lighter ones, some darker ones, and color-correcting ones. Today I will review “porcelain”, “light ivory”, and “classic ivory” (not new).

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal6L.A. Girl Pro Conceal7L.A. Girl Pro Conceal4

I absolutely love the formula, as it dries fast and is the only concealer that does not crease under my eyes. It is very pigmented and lasts all day. It is the least expensive concealer I own and the most used and loved one in my collection! My only issue with this concealer is the shades that were available, and as many of you have heard, were not light enough for very fair-skinned people like myself. The lightest shade they had was “classic ivory” and from the swatches below you will see that it was very pink-toned. When I swatched it months ago for the first time, I was shocked at how dark it was but I tried it anyway and it seemed to work because the pink cancelled out my blue veins. However, I like my concealer to be a shade lighter than my skin because I like the highlighted look. So, when I saw that they brought in 2 shades which were lighter than classic ivory I quickly ordered them to compare.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal9 L.A. Girl Pro Conceal12

Starting from the top to bottom: porcelain, light ivory, and classic ivory. The porcelain shade is perfect for very fair skin tones because it does not have a very yellow or pink under tone. The light ivory has a yellow undertone and of course, the classic ivory has that pink, salmon color to it. Just a note, in the picture the classic ivory swatch has little clumps in it because I did not wipe off the tip, this happens because the concealer dries very fast, but once blended in the lumps disappear.

What do you think about this concealer? Have you tried it or do you want to?

Click here to be directed to their website.

Click here for an eBay seller link. (they offer combined shipping)

And, as always thank you for reading my review!


33 thoughts on “L.A. Girl Pro Conceal [New Shades]

  1. I have not been having any luck with concealers not creasing under my eyes, I’ve tried a few “popular” brands. I just ordered this one yesterday. Reading your post gives me hope lol

    Thank you

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