Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye liner

Hi everyone!

Before my review on the Laura Mercier tightline cake eye liner, I want to individually thank each one of you for “following” my blog.ย I look forward to writing each of my reviews, I have fun trying to be creative with my pictures and get so excited and happy when I see others “liking” my posts. I never imagined to get over 100 followers in 3 weeks of starting my blog! I’m very thankful.

Laura Mercier Cake Eye LinerLaura Mercier Cake Eye Liner2

I was interested in this liner because it is different than pencil or stick liners, gel liners, liquid liners, etc. I had never tried a “cake” liner and so when I saw an eBay seller posting this for $12 CAD I had to order it. (originally $24 USD) It is now only $9.44 CAD! (seller links below as always) The seller offers 2 colors: navy and brown, I will be reviewing the navy (bleu marine) color today.

Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner6 Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner3Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner1

I love the navy color, it is an almost-black shade but has that blue hue which helps brighten the eyes. To apply it you must wet your brush and swirl it around to create a paste consistency and then apply quickly before it dries. I like to pat it and then wiggle it slightly on my tightline and water line and try to not blink as much to allow it to dry. When it dries it sets in place and does not smudge at all during the day.

Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner5 Laura Mercier Cake Eye Liner4

This claims to be “transfer-resistant” but I do not believe it to be so because it transferred on my finger as I rubbed the back of my hand after these swatches; it faded but did not smudge. At the end of the day I have about half of the product that I applied in the morning on my eyes, which is enough for me to like it. My favorite part is that it is not creamy and wont gather up in the corner of my eyes, which I hate.

Have you tried any cake liners?

Click here for the Blue Marine shade (eBay seller)

Click here for the Mahogany Brown shade (eBay seller)


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