Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder Review

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

Hi again!

I purchased this from eBay a while ago for around $10, and I’m so happy that I did! This was my first Korres product and I did not know much about the brand, other than they make their products without any harsh chemicals that are used in regular beauty products. They do not contain mineral oil, which is amazing for me because whenever I use a product with mineral oil, little bumps appear on my forehead after a few days. The package (box), which I forgot to take pictures of, also states that it does not include propylene glycol and ethanolamine and is dermatologically tested.

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

On the side of the box it says:

“This light powder with Wild Rose, a natural source of vitamin C, helps to repair the look of fine lines and brightens uneven skin tone.” I did not necessarily see any sudden brightness when I applied it, but I know that vitamin C does work for brightening the complexion. After using my vitamin C serum at night, I wake up with a brightener complexion.

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

When I first got this and opened it, I thought that the shade would be too dark for me. It is the second lightest shade, but when I lightly tap my brush into it and use it all over my face except for the under-eye area, which I use a different powder for, it works. The shade looks pink in the compact but the shade name is “Golden Fair” but it is neither pink nor yellow (golden), it looks neutral like a true fair color. It doesn’t necessarily provide much coverage with the way I use it, but I don’t rely on my powder for coverage, the only thing I want from it is oil-control and it does a good job at that.

The only downside that I experienced from this powder is when I pick up too much on my brush and apply, I can clearly see it sitting on my skin and looking very cake-y. It absorbs oil very well, but this can also mean drying out my skin and causing some flakiness when too much is packed on. It is ideal for touch-ups because of this.

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder

It has a sponge underneath the powder, but I can’t use this because it will pick up too much product, I have to use this with a big fluffy brush.

Overall, I recommend this for super oily skin. It is a unique powder because it does not contain any harmful ingredients like some that do.

Have you tried any Korres products? What did you think of it?

Click here to purchase or search for “Korres Powder” in an eBay search box to pick your shade as they are listed separately.


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