Dupe? St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Review

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St.moriz instant self tanning mousse

I thought I would do a non-makeup item review today; since it is summer in Canada and for those of us that don’t want to get burned- there is a safe alternative to sun tanning!

St.moriz instant self tanning mousse

St.moriz instant self tanning mousse

Besides the gradual self-tanners (Jergens) I had not tried an over-night self-tanner before I came across this on eBay for $10 CAD. The packaging and the name looked similar to the St.Tropez self-tanner, so I was intrigued if this is a inexpensive dupe for that. There were two options- medium and dark and I went with the dark because when I searched this product I noticed that the medium might be a touch orange and it was less intense. The dark color was described as being more bronze and olive-toned.

I spent some time searching about the preparation, application, and prolonging the fake tan. It is very important that you exfoliate before applying the fake tanner to get rid of any dead skin cells; I just used a loofah in the shower. Then I made sure to moisturize any dry areas like the knees, elbows, and around the ankles. Do not moisturize the whole body as the self-tanner will not be able to tan to the full extent on any moisturized area.

I then applied the self-tanner with a tanning mitt (bought separately on eBay) making sure to apply less on the moisturized areas since these dry areas get much darker. The application was very easy for a beginner like me and the mousse was smooth and spread easily. The mousse has a color guide (tint) so you can see exactly where and how much you are putting on. It has a scent to it but it is not bothersome or overwhelming. The application toke about 15 minutes total.

St.moriz instant self tanning mousse

I woke up the next morning and couldn’t believe how tanned I was. In 8 hours you could definitely notice that the self tanner had gotten much deeper and was the perfect bronzed olive-toned color. There was not even the smallest orange tint to it at all, so that is not a worry with this product. I have never tanned more than a shade or two naturally so this was so much fun for me to see myself with a dramatically deeper skin tone but at the same time amazed at how natural it looked after I showered. In the morning there was no patchy areas or streaks at all and the areas I moisturized had a light tan that faded to the rest of my body. I was relieved, after hearing tanning horror stories; non of that happened to me with this!

However, the color guide makes the tan look much darker and I would not recommend going out without taking a shower first because the tan smells like KFC (fried chicken) in the morning and as soon as water touches your skin the color guide melts away and it looks funny when you wash your hands. After you take a shower the tan will soften a bit but it still looks very much bronze-y.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this because the color is amazing, it was not patchy, there were no streaks, and it lasted a little over a week. I don’t regularly self-tan but once in a while when I feel like it, I only use this because of how easy and quick it is.

Have you tried any St. Moriz products?

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25 thoughts on “Dupe? St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Review

  1. I’ve been using this tan for years and love it! Although I find the mousse can make you look a bit green, the spray is much better at giving a true golden colour xxx

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