Technic Brow Gel Review + Swatch

Hello again!

I haven’t reviewed an eyebrow product yet on this blog, so I thought I’d do one today.

Technic Brow Gel

Technic Brow Gel

I have never heard or tried any products from Technic before this brow gel. I was searching on eBay when I found this listed for $3.80 CAD and was interested to see how well it would work and it was so affordable that it wouldn’t be much of a loss if it turned out horrible. I did a search on this brand but found no official website or detailed information, I wish they would at least set up a site.

My brows are a bit sparse in some areas so I do fill it in with a gel (the e.l.f. eyebrow kit) or sometimes a pencil and I always have to set it with a brow gel so that the hairs don’t move. This brow gel is available in 3 colors and I choose dark because light is usually too light and medium is sometimes more red-toned. Thankfully this shade is not too warm so I recommend this for brunettes.

Technic Brow Gel

This swatch on my hand did not smudge no matter how much I rubbed it; it just slightly faded in color. However, upon contact with water it very easily washes off and smudges. Which is a disaster if you get stuck in the rain; similar to a running mascara. It keeps my hairs in place and doesn’t feel weird like some other brow gels; I can’t feel it on my eyebrows. Keep in mind that I gently brush my eyebrow with this because the color can get very dark quickly. The brush is okay to use since my eyebrows are not thin, I don’t have any problems with it being too big and touching my skin.

Technic Brow Gel

It is an OK product overall; I didn’t feel very strongly about it one way or another.

Have you heard of or tried any Technic products?

Click here to purchase on eBay.


17 thoughts on “Technic Brow Gel Review + Swatch

  1. How funny I see this post when I did. I was just complaining to one of my friends about how much I hate grooming and shaping my brows. I’m extremely lazy when it comes to that aspect of my routine, and truth be told, it’s not a strong point for me. Currently, I use a pencil and/or a powder to fill them in, and then a clear gel (e.l.f. of course) to hold them in place. I may have to try this though, for those days that I simply can’t be bothered to sharpen my brow pencil!

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  2. I’m so lazy when it comes to my brows, I hardly ever do anything more than just swiping some gel on. However I find it extremely hard to find tinted brow gels that actually work well. I’m thinking about trying this one out, it’s a shame the brand doesn’t even have an official website! Thanks for the great review!(:

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