e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer Review

e.l.f. mineral face primer

Hello again!

These primers have been in my collection for over 6 months. I won’t be running out soon because I have a bunch of back-ups which I ordered at the same time after trying the first one out. They are $6 each, however, keep in mind that you only get 14g of product, which is half the amount of the average primer. I bought these when e.l.f. was having a 50% off sale, so I think it was definitely worth it.

Both primers have the same effect on the face, I honestly didn’t notice much brightening. The purple color disappears and is not noticeable. They are moisturizing at first (like a lotion) but then after you rub it in you notice that it transforms into a silicon-y texture that helps to fill in your pores and fine lines. It feels a bit greasy but it dries down after a few minutes. I love to use this in the winter because it is hydrating; I have combination oily skin but have some dry patches, which gets worse in the winter. I haven’t noticed this primer prolonging my foundation.

e.l.f. mineral face primer

I would recommend this primer for anyone looking for an everyday average primer. This would work better on drier skin types rather than oily, because it will do nothing to control the oils.

Click here to buy it and click here to see my review on the W7 brightening primer.

Have you tried any primers from e.l.f.?


32 thoughts on “e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer Review

  1. This is great info. I am just starting using/buying make up, so it’s nice to know this could work for beginners and at an affordable prize. Thanks

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  2. weirdly I never really thought primers worked for me , I never really seen my makeup last longer with them on that without but for 6 dollars which is probably around five euro for me I can’t not give it a go!

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    • I like primers because they help your foundation blend easier and it doesn’t sink in your pores. I especially like silicon primers because it smoothes everything. The W7 primer that I did a review on also blurs my pores and I would wear that alone its also cheap 🙂


      • I used the smashbox primer for a long time and loved it , but when I stopped using it I didn’t notice a huge difference! :/ I love W7 I have a bunch of their makeup I’ll keep and eye out for their primer also xx

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  3. I’m using one by NYX that’s similar as it’s silicone based. I’ve been debating buying the ELF [clear] one for a long time but I’ve heard such mixed reviews. Might try it out now though since ELF is finally available at a drugstore near me. Such a win for us Canadians who aren’t normally able to buy ELF hahah.

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