Fusion Beauty SculptDiva Blush Review + Swatch

Fusion Beauty SculptDiva Blush

Fusion Beauty SculptDiva Blush

Hi again!

Today I’m doing a review on a cream blush that I purchased not too long ago from a brand that I had never heard of. I found this on eBay, it was under $10 CAD from an amazing seller that I love purchasing from because they wrap and package the item(s) in a big box full of padding, so it is pretty much impossible to get a damaged item from them! They have free shipping and they also ship their items very quickly and it takes a few work days to receive if you are in Canada. I have put up links at the end of this post as always.

After doing some research on this brand from their website (link below) and this item, I have learned that this brand describes itself as innovative; they fuse scientific technology with dermatology, skin care, and makeup products. This product is infused with rose bud extracts, which supposedly conditions the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of pores. The special aspect of this blush is that it contains something I’ve never heard of: AmpliFat, which is also suppose to give you younger looking cheeks.

The shade I own is “Haute” and the color can be applied lightly and then built up if desired. I do not recommend this for darker skin tones because it probably wouldn’t show up. However, on fair to medium skin tone this is a beautiful, natural shade.

Fusion Beauty SculptDiva Blush HauteFusion Beauty SculptDiva Blush Haute

The texture is a thin cream which is very blendable and quickly turns to a silky powder. This has a satin finish that instantly looks fresh and natural on my cheeks. I haven’t noticed it shrinking my pores but it does sit very nicely on the skin. I apply this with a duo fibre brush and this allows control of the amount of product as well as blending the product without moving the foundation underneath.

This blush stays on much longer than other cream blushes that I have tried in the past, it will most likely stay on during work/school hours. I really do recommend this blush for those who want to try out a cream formula and are fair to medium skin tone.

Have you tried any products from Fusion Beauty?

Click here to be directed to the eBay seller

Click here to be directed to Fusion Beauty’s website


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