Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review + Swatches

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Luna

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Luna

Hello again!

I thought I would do a lip-related product review today since I haven’t done one yet.

For a while everyone was talking about these lip lacquers and when I found this in the color “Luna” on eBay (links below), I had to try it out. The color looked like a peachy, light orange shade in the swatches I found on Google and I did not own any color like it at the time. The color is beautiful but I find that it clashes with my skin tone for some reason; I think there is too much white in this shade of peach. I can use this if I’m wearing a darker orange or peach and then layer this on top to lighten it.

Rimmel Apocalips Luna

Rimmel Apocalips Luna

This has a strong scent which reminds me of an artificial candy of some sort; you can definitely smell it on your lips which bothers me as I do not like to smell this scent for that long. It is pretty thick and slippery on the lips and does not dry down at all, which I do not personally like however, this is meant to be glossy on the lips. It is not sticky at all and does not last on the lips for long, just like a gloss does not.

Overall, I think this product is exactly what it says; a lip lacquer. I have seen the matte versions and want to try those out, have you tried this formula or the matte ones and did you like them?

Click here to purchase on eBay


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