Dupe? W7 In the Buff Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

Hi everyone!

I have seen this palette as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and when I saw this on eBay for only $8.99, I had to try it out! The links are below as always.

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

These shadows are very pigmented and smooth; there is two matte shades (buff & chocolate) which are a bit powdery. They last all day on the eyes; I noticed little fading after 8+ hours. They have a bit of a fall out while applying but that can be fixed by either placing a tissue under the eyes or doing the eyes before the face makeup. They apply beautifully and not patchy at all, even the matte shades are very blend-able.

The colors are beautiful, the first shade (buff) does not show up in pictures because it is very close to my skin color; just a bit more yellow. The first two pictures below are of the first 6 shadows from the left of the palette; the 3rd and 4th picture is of the 6 shadows on the right of the palette.

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette3

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

I recommend this if you do not want to buy the Naked 2 palette but like similar colors.

Have you tried this?

Click here to purchase on eBay.


73 thoughts on “Dupe? W7 In the Buff Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

  1. Thanks!! I never thought I would say this but….I’m over Urban Decay and their prices/ limited editions. I love them but there are way too many competitors with the same quality and lower prices. Bye Felicia! Lol Great review on a pretty good dupe!

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  3. The naked palettes I must b say I have always felt it was overrated and never caught my eye. Looks like stuff i already have.This is a great post because I know there r some other brands that r going to be similar without dropping 54 bucks for the naked palette

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  4. You should check out makeup revolution’s website, they have so many dupes for brands, urban decay, lorac, two faced, list goes on x and Super affordable!

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  5. For anyone who can’t afford/is not willing to spend money on the naked pallet/s, this is your next best bet. I can vouch for this product. It is so versatile, easy to carry a look from day to night which is why I use it for my eye looks all the time. Basically the only pallet you need in life.

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