Prestige Total Intensity Beyond Lashes Mascara Review

Prestige Total Intensity Mascara

Hello again!

The wand on this mascara is definitely unique as it is the widest that I have ever seen or used. At first I thought that the application was going to be very difficult, but to my surprise it wasn’t making a mess and was actually giving my lashes volume and length. The long bristles help to separate the lashes (giving it volume) from the root and coating each and every lash until the tip (giving it length). The tip is thinner so you can get in the inner corners and the bottom of the wand has longer bristles to grab your outer lashes. The only downfall with this application is that it is not ideal to use on the bottom lashes unless you are very careful because the long bristles make contact with my skin. This review is on the shade “Jet Black”.

Prestige Total Intensity Mascara

Prestige Total Intensity Mascara

I also really enjoyed the formula; it did not flake, clump, or make my eyelashes stiff. The formula is more wet when it is new but then slightly dries after some uses which makes it even easier to work with. Overall, I did enjoy this mascara because it didn’t clump my lashes together which is a huge pet peeve of mine and it lasted nicely on my lashes throughout the day. I was also asked when wearing this mascara,  if I was wearing false lashes and I think it was because this mascara curled my lashes and kept them curled throughout the day!

Have you tried Prestige mascaras?

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Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me. 


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