St. Ives Mineral Clay Mask, Green Tea, and Apricot Scrub Review

St. Ives Mineral Clay Mask.Apricot Scrub.Green Tea Scrub

Hi everyone,

These St.Ives scrubs and mask are very useful for deep cleaning your skin as well as prepping it for makeup. My face makeup has looked so much better since I discovered these and I will forever repurchase them!

Starting with the Mineral Clay Firming Mask; it is a cooling thick formula which pleasantly smells like mint. It claims to visibly firm and tighten skin however, I don’t notice much firming after the application since I do not have sagging skin to begin with. I do notice that it deep cleans my pores; it seems to clean out most of my blackheads and my skin feels very smooth after using this just once. It starts to dry after 5-10 minutes and about 10-15 minutes I rinse it off with warm water. I use this once a week usually on the weekends so that there is no left-over makeup in my pores from the week.

I use the Green Tea Scrub almost daily because it is gentle however, keep in mind that I do not have sensitive skin. This scrub claims to clear blackheads and has oil-free salicylic acid which fights acne. It also has natural exfoliants and is paraben and sulfate free.  It has very tiny beads in it which you can’t see but you can definitely feel. The smell is hard to describe, the best way that I can describe it is that it smells like a really fresh shampoo; it smells the best out of the three.

Lastly, the Apricot Scrub has been repurchased by me 3+ times because I love it so much. After the 2nd repurchase I realized that it wasn’t the same formula; it use to be very harsh before but now the exfoliants are fewer and smaller. I discovered that the Apricot scrub has different formulas, I believe that I purchased either the “blemish control” or “fresh skin” formula, which was harsher. I didn’t mind that formula but I could only use it once a week but this formula (“timeless skin”) can be used about 2-3 times a week without irritating my skin. The scent of both formulas are the same, again hard to describe; it smells very fresh and pleasant.

From left to right: Apricot Scrub, Green Tea Scrub, and the Mineral Clay Mask.

St. Ives Mineral Clay Mask.Apricot Scrub.Green Tea Scrub

All of these are paraben and phthalates free, dermatologist tested, and non-comedogenic. This brand is cruelty-free and does not include animal products.

Have you tried St.Ives products?

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