L’oreal Lip liner (Lasting Plum&Reds) Review + Swatches

L'oreal crayon petite lip liner reds

Hello again!

These lip liners are some of my favourites in my collection. They are very creamy, water-resistant, andย the shades are beautiful!

This red shade is a true red that leans a little towards pink (swatches below). This shade looks good all year-round; it is perfect for a fresh summer red or a classic red in the winter. This liner just glides on; it is so creamy that I use it as a lipstick sometimes. It is also water resistant and stays on very well all day with some fading after a few hours. This formula is the “Crayon Petite” line.

L'oreal colour riche  lasting plum

This shade is from the “Colour Riche” line and it is a anti-feathering liner and sharpener on the other end. This formula is a touch less creamy but it is still comfortable to wear as a lipstick. It also stays on longer and wears better than the red formula. I love this shade; it is a plum that has some brown in it. This is a shade that anyone can wear; whether you have a very light or dark skin tone. This formula does not smudge as easily as the red shade.

“Reds” is on the top and “Lasting Plum” is on the bottom.

L'oreal colour riche crayon petite lip liner

L'oreal colour riche crayon petite lip liner

Have you tried L’oreal lip liners?

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25 thoughts on “L’oreal Lip liner (Lasting Plum&Reds) Review + Swatches

  1. I literally just picked up the lasting plum and I was looking for reviews so I bumped into this page! Love your blog and I can’t wait to try this lip liner xx Also, the essence lip liner called soft berry 05 is also a good one, you should try it! They’re affordable but the thing is they tend to not last long but I still thing they’re worth the price ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Haven’t tried but they definitely look good. My favorite pencils are from seventeen, kiko, essence and bourjois – they are nice, cheap enough and I always use them as lipsticks.

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