DUO Eyelash Adhesive White/Clear Review

DUO Eyelash Adhesive white clear

Hello again!

This was my first false lash adhesive and after using it for a while now I thought I would post a review. This review is on the white colored which turns into clear.

This is the 14 gram squeeze tube and a disadvantage with this is that the tip is bigger so more product comes out than needed. When I first opened this bottle and applied it to my false lashes I noticed that it had an unpleasant scent that I can not describe, but once it was on my eyes I could no longer sense it. The formula is not runny or thick; somewhere down the middle. I found that when I wait about 50 seconds and then apply it, it sticks on better since the glue becomes tacky. If you apply it too quickly it will just slide around and not stick down.

My eyes can get a bit watery when I’m doing my eyeliner and I learned to wait until my eyes are dry before applying this because the glue will never stick ifΒ your eyes are wet. I also realized that this glue sticks better when wearing gel liner rather than liquid liner. It mostly dries clear but when I do see some white spots I go over it with my liquid liner.

The wear time on this lash glue does not impress me very much since it tends to not stick very well on the inner corners of my eyes even though I apply more on the ends of the falsies. I have to carry this around to reapply when that starts to happen. Overall, I thought that this was just an average eyelash glue and I’m definitely looking to find one that works better for me.

What is your favourite eyelash glue?

** I purchased this from an eBay trusted seller which no longer carries this. There are many fake DUO glues on eBay, I do not recommend that you purchase it online for this reason. **

50 thoughts on “DUO Eyelash Adhesive White/Clear Review

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  2. I’m a professional makeup artist and I love Duo ! It’s a wonderful glue that lasts for three days depending on how much you wash your face – when I wear my individual lashes I try not to get my eyes wet when I’m in the shower – but I always tell my brides to remove them just in case πŸ™‚

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  3. Mine was always spitting out more product then I needed. My favorite is the little glues that come with the Eylure lashes and I love the Eylure lashes. They are so much lighter and fit the eye so well!

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  4. I used this when I had to wear fake lashes for dance competitions. I do agree with you about the ends not sticking though. My eyes would always be feeling like they were being poked!

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  5. The smell is brutal – my dog freaks when I blow on it to dry! However, I do love it! You should try the dark formula they have, I find it blends with your eyeliner much better then the clear as it turns black as it dries. Great review πŸ™‚

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