BomBeauty Makeup Bom (Brush Cleaner) Review

BomBeauty Makeup Bom

Hi everyone!

Today’s review is on a makeup brush/sponge cleaner that I have been using lately. I have always used the palm of my hand to scrub my brushes on but it takes me a while to get them clean, especially my foundation brushes.These Makeup Boms come in a variety of different colors but they are all the same size/shape. They have a rubber material that is flexible. There is a hole underneath it so that you can choose to hold it with two fingers.

I start off mixing my brush cleanser solution (antibacterial soap, hair conditioner and water to dilute) and dip my makeup brushes in that and then start running my brushes on the ridges of the Makeup Bom. After about 10 minutes of cleaning, water got into the finger hole and it started to slowly slide off my fingers while I was washing my brushes so now I prefer to hold it in my hand.

BomBeauty Makeup Bom

The curved side (left) is used for makeup sponges and I liked how they included that since many people use sponges for their face makeup. The other side (right) is for any makeup brush (face,eyes,etc.). Both sides worked well for me and cut down my brush cleaning time to about half. It really did help remove all my foundation from my brushes whereas when I was using my hand I couldn’t deep-clean and would still see some foundation inside the brush afterwards.

What is your favourite makeup brush cleansing tool?

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Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me. I do not gain anything if you use the code above. 

20 thoughts on “BomBeauty Makeup Bom (Brush Cleaner) Review

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  3. This brush cleaner looks super interesting! I’ve never seen it before. I actually use baby shampoo for deep cleaning my brushes and for spot cleaning I like using the Wet Ones wet wipes.

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  4. This is so interesting to me because I generally have zero clue how to clean my makeup sponges. I always just spend 5-10 minutes with it at the sink coating it in soap and running it under the water and then smiling to make myself feel like I’ve done a stellar job even when I’m still as perplexed by the cleaning process as I was at the start.

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