TYRA Beauty Stick With Me Spritz Review

Tyra Beauty Stick With Me Spritz

Hi everyone!

I have only done one other review on a makeup setting spray which you can view here, and so I thought I would talk about this today since I absolutely love it!

The bottle is a fairly good size (45mL); not too large but can be used a bunch before running out. When I spray this on my face the nozzle does not squirt out blobs of product; it is a fine mist and is evenly distributed. I’m very bad at describing scents, but I found the scent to be very pleasant and soft; not over-powering.

Tyra Beauty Stick With Me Spritz

This product is supposed to refresh and moisturize while extending the wear of your makeup and I found it to do just that. Once I spray this on my face it dries very quickly and it seems to make my dry patches (usually on my cheeks) less noticeable as foundation and powder can pronounce dry patches; this helps with that. The most important part in a setting spray for me is whether it can prolong my makeup and this definitely did. After about 6 hours without the setting spray my face makeup can look a bit worn off, oily on the t-zone, and cake-y on my cheeks and under eyes where I tend to touch up with powder and blotting. When I add this to my makeup routine it delays these effects to about 10 hours or so and even then, it looks much better than after 6 hours without applying this.

Have you tried this setting spray? What are your favourite setting sprays?

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Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.Β 


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