Ford Lashes (Mink Lashes) Review

Ford Lashes

Hi everyone!

With the New Year coming up, I thought that many of you would be looking for a pair of falsies to wear. This review is on the Sharon and Jenny Lash.

I love the packaging! It is gorgeous; the lashes are enclosed in a sturdy box with a quilted texture and golden writing. The ribbon is to help pull out the lashes from inside the box.

Ford Lashes The Sharon Lash

The Sharon lash above is very wispy and “natural-looking” as they have fewer hairs and are spaced out. However, they do add quite a bit of drama and is a nice pair for an everyday dramatic look.

Ford Lashes The Jenny Lash

The Jenny lash above is much more dramatic and fuller but still very wispy-looking since the natural Mink hairs are not all the same length hence, why they are called 3D lashes.

Both pairs are very light-weight and fluffy. You do have to prepare them before wear; trim them to fit your eye size but they are already curved so it makes it easier to apply.

If taken care of properly and gently, you can reuse them for approximately 20 times. Ford LahesΒ are cruelty-free.

What are your favourite pair of lashes?

Click here to purchase.

Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.Β 


20 thoughts on “Ford Lashes (Mink Lashes) Review

  1. I’ve always really preferred mink eyelashes because I love how fluffy and natural the look!! I usually get mine from Velour Lashes and love them but the only complaint I would have on Velour Lashes is that the band is too thick and too curved and it’s not very flexible which makes it difficult to get close to the lash line. but these look like really great lashes!! and they look like they have a pretty thin band! I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this brand. Thanks! Definitely going to give it a try!

    Love your blog by the way! definitely know I will enjoy following you!

    I also have a beauty blog if you would like to come check it out! ❀

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