Naughty Cosmetics Orgazmic Black Mascara Review

Naughty Cosmetics Orgazmic Mascara

Hi everyone!

Mascara is probably the makeup product that I purchase most often since I tend to go through them fast and can only really keep them for 3 months or so. Naughty Cosmetics is a fairly new brand and this is the only product that they currently offer.

The formula is on the dry side so it can flake if I layer on too much product; I do about 2 coats with no wait time since the formula will completely dry in a few seconds on the lashes. I like how this formula keeps my lashes curled and holds them well throughout the day. This mascara has an intense black shade.

Naughty Cosmetics Orgazmic Black Mascara

I’m not sure if it is the brush or the formula that makes clumping impossible; no matter how much you layer on. It may be because of the fast drying formula which doesn’t let much product coat the lashes. The brush is fairly large and has long bristles; I love how it combs and separates my lashes so well! It also has bristles on the tip so it makes applying mascara to the inner and outer corners of my eyes super easy.

Overall, I liked that it separated my lashes and not clumped them together and that it held the curl. However, I didn’t like that I was unable to layer on enough product to get a dramatic look and that the formula was too dry.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me. 


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