Nivea Mattifying Day Care Moisturizer Review

Nivea Mattifying Day Care Moisturizer

Hello again!

This is an amazing moisturizer for oily skin types because it moisturizes while mattifying your skin! On days when I apply this I notice my skin staying matte for longer periods of time.

Nivea Mattifying Day Care Moisturizer

It comes in a standard squeeze out tube with 50 ml of product inside. The product itself is a white thin lotion consistency that quickly absorbs into my skin without feeling greasy. It has a very pleasant fresh scent that I enjoy. The fact that it somewhat helps control my oily t-zone is a huge bonus since I haven’t been able to find a primer that can do that well. It is a two in one product since it also preps your skin for foundation.

What moisturizer would you recommend for oily skin types?

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18 thoughts on “Nivea Mattifying Day Care Moisturizer Review

  1. This sounds great, I’d have to check the ingredients to see if I’d try this. I actually mix a little arrowroot powder into aloe very gelly and use that as a primer/moisturizer for oily areas of my face. I can’t say it’s the best thing but it’s natural and it does a decent job.

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  2. Love the review, I’m in the same boat as yourself with an oily t-zone that’s hard to control so I’ll definitely be picking this one up πŸ˜€ at the minute I’m using the Simple Oil Balancing moisturiser, which I find really good πŸ™‚ x

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