Pilaten Suction Black Mask Review

Pilaten Suction Black Mask

Hello everyone!

This mask is very unique; it is like a nose strip but for the entire face. I wear a full face of makeup almost everyday and so I need something that will really clean out my pores every now and then.

This is similar to a charcoal mask in terms of what it does for the face (draws out dirt) and the black color that it has. I like to apply this after a hot shower; I feel that it pulls out more when I do this. Once it is applied it will start to harden and after about 10-15 minutes you can peel it off. This mask is hardcore; it will rip out any clogged pores and not to mention a bunch of peach fuzz. However, my skin becomes unbelievably smooth after just one use.

I would only use this once every month because it is so harsh and I don’t think it would be beneficial to use it more than that.

What is your favourite mask?

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