b.liv No Spots Bye Dots Cleanser Review

b.liv No Spots Bye Dots Cleanser

Hello again!

I love this skincare brand. I have reviewed a few other products from b.liv and they are amazing. This brand caters to everyone because they have different lines which help with specific skin concerns.

This cleanser claims to control oil, unclog pores, exfoliate skin, treat acne and fade scars, sooth and hydrate skin and lastly, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. I always look up the ingredients to see if the ingredients can back up the claim. On the website it briefly summarizes the ingredients that are responsible for treating acne and soothing the skin which I found to be very informative and convincing that the product will be effective.

This is a liquid/gel cleanser which decently foams up and leaves my skin very soft and smooth afterwards. I sometimes use this with my Clinique Sonic brush (review coming soon) and it gives me more of an exfoliation than when I use my hands. I don’t solely rely on cleansers for my acne because they are never effective enough however, since this has salicylic acid it does help slightly with acne. What I like about this cleanser is that it deep cleans which gets rid of all my makeup, which is why I like to use this in the evenings as opposed to mornings. I like the scent that it has and it is not too harsh where it would leave my skin feeling stripped of all oils and dried out.

Overall, I really like the products that I have tried from this brand and I would love to try out more!

Click here to visit website.

Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.


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