Essence Mosaic Blush Review + Swatch

Essence Mosaic Blush

Hi everyone!

I really like the Essence products I have tried so far; they are decent quality and extremely affordable. There are a few shades of these mosaic blushes and the one that I will be doing a review on is the shade “40 The Berry Connection”.

Essence Mosaic Blush The Berry Connection

This blush is housed in a clear case; which I like because it’s very lightweight and you are able to see the color which is helpful if you have a huge blush collection. It contains 4.5 grams of product which isn’t much but great value for the price.

The blush itself is slightly powdery as you can see in the swatch below however, it doesn’t apply like that on the cheeks and blends in nicely. It isn’t extremely pigmented which I enjoy because I like to build up the pigmentation rather than spend an hour blending it out. It contains very tiny shimmer particles that really aren’t noticeable but give a nice glow. The lasting power is decent; it will last an entire work/school day at around 6 hours before fading.

Essence Mosaic Blush 40 The Berry Connection. A bright pink shade.

Essence Mosaic Blush The Berry Connection

I would definitely recommend the Essence blushes; in general their quality is great and the price is unbelievable. Click here to see my review on the Essence Silky Touch Blush; I like that formula better than this one but would still recommend both.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.


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