MAKE Beauty Moonlight Primer Review

MAKE Beauty Moonlight Primer

Hi everyone!

This primer got a lot of attention on social media simply because it is a sheer black color. I have the mini size and after trying it out a few times I have a few thoughts on it.

MAKE Beauty Moonlight Primer

Besides the fact that this primer is a black color (it contains melanin) it claims to shield against HEV and IR light which comes from computer/tablet/smart phone screens and this light causes premature ageing and skin damage. I was very intrigued that it also claims to diminish the look of pores and fine lines.

Once applied, this primer does not darken your skin tone – it becomes clear. It feels very hydrating and isn’t greasy or heavy at all. I don’t notice it doing much for my pores and will have to follow up with a pore filler before applying my foundation. This primer sits nicely on my skin and under foundation but in all honesty it doesn’t do much in terms of blurring out pores/fine lines or making my foundation stay on longer than usual.

I would apply this as a moisturizer because of the HEV and IR light protection that it gives but would follow up with another primer to give me the look and longevity that I want from my foundation.

Have you tried this primer?

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17 thoughts on “MAKE Beauty Moonlight Primer Review

  1. Interesting, I never knew about the light causing premature aging *gasp* I spend a lot of my time on my laptop and phone working on my blog and posting on IG, but I’m derailing, it sounds good but too bad it doesn’t have the blurring effect

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