Temptu Base Smooth & Matte Primer Review

Temptu Base Smooth & Matte Primer

Hello again!

This little sample sized primer surprised me! It doesn’t look like a primer I would enjoy – it doesn’t feel mattifying or have that silicon texture which fills in the pores but it made my skin look really nice and fresh all day long!

I know that Temptu products are made to be used with an airbrush system but I just applied this with my hands as I would with any primer. There is a very subtle pleasant scent to this and the texture is very unique and a bit hard to explain; it is an opaque white thick gel consistency and once I apply it, it’s a bit tacky and very moisturizing on the skin. I can see it slightly blurring while making my face look extremely smooth! It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and I definitely see it mattifying my skin upon application – however the mattifying effect is similar to a natural satin matte and not a silicon flat matte. I also got a compliment today that my skin looks smooth which reinforces what I think this primer did for my skin.

My foundation glided on easier than usual and this primer helped control my oil for the entire day! I usually have to blot every four hours or so but with this I went seven hours before blotting. I did get oily throughout the day but not enough to bother me to blot – which is huge!

I really liked this primer and will definitely look into purchasing it. Have you tried any products from Temptu?

Click here to purchase.


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