Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream & Hand Treatment Review

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Hand Treatment

Hi everyone!

It’s still pretty chilly and dry where I live so I thought I would squeeze in one last review that is relevant to winter. I have done a review of the lip balm from the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour line a few posts ago and I have expressed my love for it especially this winter season! So I thought I would follow up with these two – one of which is a hand cream and the other is their original Eight Hour cream.

Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Hand Treatment

Starting off with the hand cream, this is a really nice non-greasy formula that sinks into the skin and helps a lot with dryness. However, the smell is super strong and unpleasant and noticeably lingers on until it dries down. I really enjoy the formula and would recommend this but if you are sensitive to strong smells, I would skip this one.

The original Eight Hour cream is meant to be used on dry hands/cuticles, to shape brows, to add shine to the cheeks, used on hair, lips, face, etc. So there are quite a few ways to use this product, I’ve even read how it helps to heal wounds and burns. The first thing I would like to mention is that this isn’t a traditional “cream” formula. It feels more so like an ointment or a very thick gel. The smell is beyond strong and rather medicinal. In saying that, this stuff is amazing at healing the skin and protecting the skin against the harsh winter months. It creates sort of like a “second skin” that sticks to you and helps repair any damage. I really can’t recommend that you use this as a hand cream because it’s too thick/sticky however, if you have a cut, burn, or a rash this stuff is amazing!

What do you think about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour line?

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11 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream & Hand Treatment Review

  1. Oh interesting! I’ve been looking for a substitute for Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream for ages, this may be worth a try for me. Now if only I can remember this until the fall. πŸ™‚

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      • That cream I mentioned is amazing. It’s…more perfumy smelling than medicinal but SUPER thick and works wonders on dry patches. However, as a starter I’d say the Satin Hands kit is an extremely good product combo and works wonders on my hands in the winter. I haven’t yet found anything quite like it. I don’t know anything about their makeup because I wasn’t into makeup when I used Mary Kay products, just skin care. However, I think Clinique skin care is equally good for face as Mary Kay, similarly priced, and easier to access. So, Satin Hands gets the strongest recommendation from me.
        Thanks for not being weirded out by me wandering back through your posts. I don’t know anyone who is super into make up so it’s been fun finding people online to chat with about it!

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      • Thank you for commenting on my posts!! I enjoy talking about makeup and skincare as well so I welcome everyone to do so!! You’ve given me so much info and I’m super appreciative of it. By the way I have lots of reviews on Clinique – absolutely love their 3 step system and the moisture surge products!


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