GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser Review

GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser

Hello everyone!

This is the first product that I’ve ever tried from GlamGlow and let’s just say that this was a good first impression. What intrigued me about this cleanser is that it contains a mud and an oil that transform into foam. I’ve tried oil cleansers before but never mud and I know that mud masks are great for oily skin types.

GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser

This product claims to gently remove all traces of makeup and deep clean. I really enjoy trying different face washes but not all work for me as I have super oily skin and I get these little bumps on my forehead/cheeks when I don’t deep clean. This product is so fun to use as you don’t expect the mud and oil to foam up. It smells like a delicious green apple and leaves your skin feeling super clean and soft.

GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser

The thing that I really enjoy about this packaging is that the oil and mud are stored separately and each have their own separate pump. Therefore, you can customize how much mud and oil you want. When my skin feels super dry I tend to pump more oil and when my skin is super greasy I will pump in more mud. This contains 75ml of oil and 75g of mud which is a decent amount and I feel like it will take me a while to finish this.

GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser. One pump of oil and one pump of the mud.

GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser

I really enjoy this cleanser and would purchase again. I really want to try the other one as well, I believe it’s the YouthCleanse.

What do you suggest I try next from GlamGlow?

Search “GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser” on eBay.


18 thoughts on “GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser Review

  1. I’ve tried the Glamglow Glowstarter and the Glamglow supermud charcoal mask. I didn’t like either of them, the glowstarter had a skittles scent, and when used under my makeup, it broke up my makeup. So, personally I wouldn’t start with that.

    I tried the supermud mask, and I don’t have anything to protest about it, but it’s really not made for this dry skin girl! I gave it to my 13 year old daughter and she uses it on her forehead breakouts. She tends toward dry skin as well, so it’s more of a spot treatment for her. But she likes it well enough.

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      • She seems to think it does, it tends to calm them and they look better the next morning. Still bumpy, but not pimply, if that makes sense? 13 year old acne is NO JOKE so we just hope for the best possible results, knowing it’s unlikely to give her perfect skin at this age. (Thankfully she’s not self conscious about it, so we aren’t working against a certain stigma while working against the acne.)

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  2. Back when Sephora first started carrying Glamglow I tried the Supermud mask which is AMAZING. If you have problem skin or get breakouts this mask will clear things up over night. Its basically magic. I got a sample of the Supercleanse face wash in my Sephora Play Box and it was basically the Supermud mask in face wash form and it was also pretty amazing. I’m considering getting the full size.

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