Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Review + Swatches

Clinique Pop Lip Shadow 01 Dune Pop

Hello everyone!

I remember these powder lipsticks being really popular about two years ago and even though there are some brands that are currently offering them, they’ve mostly died down now.

Clinique Pop Lip Shadow 01 Dune Pop

This product is kind of a let down for me, similar to the review I did on the Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Color, which you can view here. It simply isn’t the formula and effect that I go to on a daily basis – this requires much more maintenance. The packaging is not my favourite; the lip wand is super long and pointed and it’s faulty. The lid doesn’t properly screw into place and pops open randomly so I don’t trust that it will remain closed in my bag. Secondly the applicator does not allow for precision work, it isn’t too bad but you can’t get a clean line with it.

The product itself is hard to work with – it is dry and can cake up very easily. If you use the smallest amount and smudge it, it’s fine but as soon as you apply a little too much it will look patchy, dry and very cakey on the lips. The way that the product wears off over time is also very unflattering, super patchy because it grips onto dry patches but rubs off on some parts. It also transfers which is weird because you want a matte powder lip formula because you hope that it will not wear off easily.

Clinique Pop Lip Shadow 01 Dune Pop
Clinique Pop Lip Shadow 01 Dune Pop.
Applied a very small amount and rubbed it in.
Clinique Pop Lip Shadow 01 Dune Pop
Clinique Pop Lip Shadow 01 Dune Pop.
What using too much product will look like.

As you can see from the pictures above the product starts to ball and patch up when layered or if you apply too much. When I use a little amount it glides on and feels like a dry cream which is really cool!

Overall, the idea of this product really intrigued me and the color of this lip powder is gorgeous, but the formula is too hard to work with and can quickly look unflattering. This product may be discontinued because I can’t see it listed on Clinique’s website anymore, I do see it on Nordstrom though. If it is then I’m excited to see what they come out with to replace this!

Have you guys tried this or any other lip powders? Let me know in the comments section!

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