Younique Touch Glorious Face Primer Review (from a non-presenter!)

Younique Touch Glorious Face Primer

Hello everyone!

I know we’ve all been curious about Younique products from seeing the pictures and videos on social media and I love being able to try out super hyped products and put them to the test!

First off, I like the squeeze tube packaging and how thin and sleek it is. It has a matte and glossy black tube which looks very high-end and luxurious. On the website you don’t get a list of product claims but they have a fairly brief description of how this primer will give you velvety soft skin that will keep your makeup intact all day long. I’ve tried this out everyday for almost 2 weeks and I have a fairly decent idea of the pros and cons of this primer.

Before I get into that I want to point out that I have extremely oily skin with somewhat noticeable pores on my nose and cheeks. I do get some texture on my skin from time to time but I haven’t had any breakouts in a while (thanks to the Clinique 3 step). This primer has a very moisturizing formula along with that silicon texture which feels almost greasy but then sets to a nice smooth base. It gives a very slight blurring effect but you don’t notice how smooth it makes your skin until you apply the foundation on top. The foundation blends effortlessly and my skin looks smooth and almost flawless. I don’t notice it mattifying or giving my foundation a dewy glow – it doesn’t change the finish of your foundation – which I like.

Younique Touch Glorious Face Primer

I don’t expect a miracle to happen with any primer or foundation in keeping my skin matte – since my face oil-production is uncontrollable and this primer doesn’t claim to do that. I didn’t feel that this primer gave my makeup longevity since my oily skin tends to break apart my foundation after about 5 hours but with some blotting sheets and powder my makeup was intact for the whole work day.

Overall, I think this is a really nice primer for normal to dry skin types (tested on mom); for those of us with oily skin – the search will remain for the miracle primer that can control oil.

Have you tried any Younique products? Give us a little review in the comment section below!

Thank you Emily for the product to review! Check out her blog here.

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Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur Review

Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur

Hello everyone!

This technically isn’t a primer as it is to be worn over liquid foundation or alone by itself. I tried both ways and thought that I would do a review on this very hyped up product.

Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur

This has a standard squeeze-tube packaging which contains 30ml of product. The packaging is almost identical to the Vitamin C24 which you can read my review on here.

Honestly, this product on it’s own doesn’t do much for me; I didn’t notice any blurring of my pores and since I don’t have wrinkles I can’t really comment on how well it would work for that. I also tried applying this on top of foundation and I did notice that it has a mattifying effect however, I don’t like that I have to pat this on as it moves/removes my foundation.

I’m not really sure how to use this product since it didn’t do much for me either by itself or on top of foundation. Comparing this to the Vitamin C24: I highly recommended the Vitamin C24 because it worked amazingly as a primer under foundation for mattifying the t-zone and even on its own since it blurred out my pores and mattified, all while having the benefits of vitamin C: brightens, evens skintone, protects, etc. Overall, I’m not a fan of this product and would not recommend, but perhaps I’m not using it correctly.

Have you tried this product? Comment below and let me know how you use it and what you thought of it!

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Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.

Arbonne Makeup Primer Review

Arbonne Makeup Primer

Hi everyone!

I always apply a primer before I apply my face makeup; it helps to smooth and blur our any fine lines, pores, control oiliness and even prolong my makeup.

The packaging of this primer is very basic; black, sleek packaging but I love how it has a pump. Most primers come in a squeeze tube which I like as well but a pump is always a bonus. It contains 30 ml of product which is a standard amount for a primer.

The product itself is clear with a pink hue; obviously once blended in you will not notice any color. Only a tiny amount of this product is needed for each use since it spreads out and can feel greasy if too much is applied. It has a moisturizing feel to it with a slight silicon feel. It absorbs fairly quickly and is a dream to apply foundation over since the foundation glides on and blends very well. In terms of smoothing and blurring out my pores; I noticed that because of the silicon texture it did make my pores look smaller once I applied foundation. However, I did not notice it doing much in controlling my oily t-zone or prolonging my face makeup; which is doesn’t claim to do anyway.

Overall, I thought this primer did a great job in smoothing out my pores and cut the time of blending in my foundation in half.

What is your current favourite primer?

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Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.

FACE atelier Ultra Matte Facial Spray Review

FACE atelier Ultra Matte

Hello again!

I have an oily t-zone and have to blot/powder throughout the day to keep the oil in control, since it breaks apart my foundation and I end up looking extremely shiny. Therefore, I’m constantly looking for mattifying primers, foundations, etc.

This bottle contains 118mL of product, which is more than the average setting spray. I like the packaging but am not fond of the nozzle that sprays out the product; it doesn’t always produce a fine mist and can result in droplets sitting on my face. This issue seems to occur when it hasn’t been used in a while so I like to spray the product out a few times until the mist is fine.

The product itself is a bit unusual since I have never seen/tried a silicon-based facial spray. I wasn’t sure if this would give me a matte look since silicon products don’t control oil in my experience. I have tried applying this before and after my makeup application since it states on the bottle that this can be used prior, during, and after makeup application; I definitely prefer using this before. Since it is a silicon-based product it feels hydrating and allows my makeup to glide on. The trick with this product is to let it dry; it can feel quite greasy/shiny when it is still wet but once it dries it has a matte finish. I don’t like this over my makeup because it toke a very long time to dry and I feel that it made my foundation move in some parts due to the silicon and the unpredictable nozzle.

I think this is a decent primer spray for oily skin types because it does mattify my face once it dries down but didn’t find it to completely control my oil throughout the day. Which setting spray do you recommend for oily skin types?

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Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me. 

LAFACE PROTÉGÉR Primer Review & Discount Code

Laface Proteger Age Defying Primer

Hello everyone!

This primer claims to fill in fine lines and I was curious to see if it can stop my foundation from creasing in my laugh lines, since that is a problem of mine. It also claims to prolong your face makeup, which I always want because I have an oily t-zone.

Laface Proteger Age Defying Primer

First thing I noticed about this primer is that it has amazing ingredients in it, including vitamin C; which I love putting on my face since it really helps to brighten dull skin. It also states on their website (linked below) that all their products are paraben-free, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. The bottle is also pretty large with 56.7g of product! It is a squeeze out tube.

The texture of this primer feels like a silicon based primer only it feels very moisturizing as well. It is very light on my face and dries down in less than a minute. I focused this product around my mouth and my eyes where I get more creasing. It made my skin feel very soft and velvety and allowed my foundation to glide on and blend much quicker than usual. I followed up with the rest of my face makeup. After several hours I noticed that the creasing in these areas were much less than with other primers I have tried. It didn’t stop the creasing completely but it did help a lot. I would also agree with their claim that it prolongs makeup wear as I noticed that my t-zone was not as oily as it usually gets after 4-5 hours. This was a surprise to me because most silicon-based primers do nothing to control the oil.

Laface Proteger Age Defying Primer

I would recommend this for both dry and oily skin types because it hydrates dry skin but also controls the oiliness, which helped prolong my makeup with fewer touch-ups.

What is your favourite primer?

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e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer Review

e.l.f. mineral face primer

Hello again!

These primers have been in my collection for over 6 months. I won’t be running out soon because I have a bunch of back-ups which I ordered at the same time after trying the first one out. They are $6 each, however, keep in mind that you only get 14g of product, which is half the amount of the average primer. I bought these when e.l.f. was having a 50% off sale, so I think it was definitely worth it.

Both primers have the same effect on the face, I honestly didn’t notice much brightening. The purple color disappears and is not noticeable. They are moisturizing at first (like a lotion) but then after you rub it in you notice that it transforms into a silicon-y texture that helps to fill in your pores and fine lines. It feels a bit greasy but it dries down after a few minutes. I love to use this in the winter because it is hydrating; I have combination oily skin but have some dry patches, which gets worse in the winter. I haven’t noticed this primer prolonging my foundation.

e.l.f. mineral face primer

I would recommend this primer for anyone looking for an everyday average primer. This would work better on drier skin types rather than oily, because it will do nothing to control the oils.

Click here to buy it and click here to see my review on the W7 brightening primer.

Have you tried any primers from e.l.f.?

W7 Prime Magic Primer (Purple) Review

W7 Prime Magic Primer

W7 Prime Magic Primer

Yay! my first review 🙂

Okay, so today I want to talk about this W7 primer I found on eBay (seller links below). The seller provides all 3 colors of it at around $6.99 Canadian dollar each with FREE international shipping. I have the purple color which is supposed to be “anti-dulling”, there is also a green to combat redness and a clear one.
This primer really surprised me as I have both drugstore and high-end primers and comparing it to those, this really has a unique formula. At first when you squeeze some out of the tube it looks very purple that you’d think the pigmentation would show up on your skin however, once blended in you can’t see the purple anymore.

W7 Prime Magic Primer

There is 30mL of product in this squeeze tube, which is standard for a primer. I use about 1/3 of product you see on the back of my hand in the pictures and spread it on my nose, cheeks (where my pores are more noticeable), chin, and the middle of my forehead.

At first when you apply it, it feels very greasy and for me I thought I was going to have to remove it. (I have an oily T-zone) However, it dried fast in about 30 seconds and blurred out my pores in a way no other primer has before. I would definitely use this on a no-makeup day just to blur out any imperfections.

I haven’t tried the Benefit Porefessional, but from hearing other reviews of its silicon feel and blurring effects I would think this could be similar to that. It doesn’t necessarily prolong my makeup any more than the other primers I’ve tried but it allows any foundation (especially a matte one) to glide so effortlessly and flawlessly on your face and blend in really well.
I would recommend this for everyone especially drier skin types but not for the super oily, just because it really wouldn’t help with oil control, unless you use a really good powder.

W7 makeup (Warpaint cosmetics) is a UK brand that was created in 2002. They are cruelty free; they do not test on animals. All their products are made in England.

Have you tried this primer or any other W7 cosmetics?

Click here to be directed to W7 Cosmetics website.

Click here or here to be directed to the eBay sellers for the CLEAR color. (please check both as their prices change so that you can get the best deal)

Click here for the W7 primer in PURPLE (anti-dullness) eBay seller link.

Click here for the W7 primer in GREEN (anti-redness) eBay seller link.