Benefit Blush Bar ‘Cheeks on Pointe’ Blush & Bronzer Palette Review + Swatches

Benefit Blush Bar Cheeks on Pointe Blush & Bronzer Palette

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m super excited for this long weekend – great weather in Canada and lots of fun plans! Hope you all have an amazing long weekend!

I’ve decided to review this palette today because I’ve been reaching for it non-stop! This is the first cheek product that I have used from Benefit and I’m blown away! I’ve heard lots of good reviews on the famous Hoola bronzer and their boxed blushes but they are up there price-wise and I didn’t want to spend $40 on one blush. This palette is almost $80 however, it is an amazing value as you get FULL SIZE products; so technically your paying for two blushes and getting 3 free! My sister gifted this to me and I’m so happy she did because I had my eye on it a while back at Sephora!

Benefit Blush Bar Palette

The packaging is gorgeous! It makes me happy to use it every time, it also contains a nice large mirror and once you open the lid you get a whiff of this pleasant scent that is incredibly hard to describe but it reminds me of summer time. There is an empty space on the bottom right corner so that the brush can fit in there which is good if your planning on travelling with it.

Benefit Blush Bar Blush & Bronzer Palette

The blush textures are really nice; not too soft nor stiff, not too pigmented but pigmented enough. It’s a nice formula for light to medium skintones as the shades are all pretty light and I have to build it up on my cheeks – all except the Galifornia shade which looks good with just one layer. However, I love blushes that are buildable – it allows me to apply and blend it without having any harsh lines or too much color all at once. These are fairly long lasting as well – they last an entire work/school day.

The picture you see above is after a few weeks of using it so it no longer has the gold overspray. I don’t see the point of it anyway because it comes off after using it once and I don’t like chunky gold glitter on my blushes anyway.

Benefit Galifornia Gold Rush Dandelion Rockateur Blush
Left to right: Galifornia, Gold Rush, Dandelion and Rockateur
Benefit Blush Bar Galifornia Gold Rush Dandelion Rockateur
Left to right: Galifornia, Gold Rush, Dandelion and Rockateur

The Hoola bronzer is a nice shade that can be built up as well if you want a stronger bronzer. It is neutral in tone so it can be used as a contour shade as well which is nice. I was worried this was going to be too dark on me but it’s perfect once blended out.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Hoola Bronzer

This specific palette is a little hard to find now as it was limited edition but I went ahead and reviewed it anyway because Benefit has come out with the Cheekleaders palettes which include the same products but they have added a highlighter to each palette which is amazing! A highlight just completes this palette as it contains all three products that you use on the cheeks!

I highly recommend this palette and if I didn’t already have this I would definitely purchase the new ones!

What do you think of the Benefit face palettes? Let me know in the comments!

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Click here to view the new Cheekleader palettes!

Dupe? W7 Honolulu Bronzer Review + Swatches

W7 Honolulu Bronzer1

Hi, I hope your Mondays were a great start for the rest of the week!

I’m so excited to write this review today because this is honestly one of the best bronzers I own! I use it more than any other bronzer on a daily basis. I can’t say one bad thing about it. I wanted to compare this to the Benefit Hoola bronzer because looking at the packaging and name of this W7 bronzer, it was made to be a dupe for it.

W7 Honolulu Bronzer6

The texture of this bronzer is very silky, it lasts quite a long time on my skin (almost all day). Since I do not have the Hoola bronzer and I’m comparing this to that, I did some research and found that this bronzer is more pigmented than the Benefit one, but it is the same color essentially. The review I read said they are both matte, but I think this is slightly satin as you can see in the swatches below. But I love that it is slightly satin, because it gives me a beautiful glow and looks very natural on my skin tone.

W7 Honolulu Bronzer2 W7 Honolulu Bronzer5

This bronzer even came with a little brush that you can use for contouring. I do not use this product for contouring because it is satin, I prefer a matte cool shade for that. But the brush is very soft and is my favorite to use with other products for a nice blended contour. (sorry, the brush is a bit dirty)

W7 Honolulu Bronzer9

Click here to be directed to the eBay seller. ($4.94 USD + FREE international shipping)

Benefit Silky Powder Eye Shadow (Guess Again) Review + Swatches

Benefit Silky Powder Eye Shadow

Benefit Silky Powder Eye Shadow

Hi again!

So let’s talk about this eye shadow, and why it is the most unique color I have in my collection.
Firstly, I bought this eye shadow over eBay by an Australian seller (links below) and this seller packs each item to perfection. She wraps the item and puts it inside a box full of padding around it; that it is pretty much impossible to damage the item on the way. I purchased it for around $11.00 Canadian with FREE international shipping but the seller has reduced the price to only $7.54 Canadian!

This Benefit silky powder eye shadow has been discontinued. The seller stocks three colors of this eye shadow that she is offering for this price. The colors are Shallow, Getaway, and Guess Again (the one I’m reviewing).

I will attempt to describe this color, as you will see from the pictures this color changes with the light. In natural window light, it is a light dusty purple, mauve, taupe color. Then in the shade, it becomes a plumy almost, pinkish-purple. Do you see why this is the most unique shade I have?; I just used a thousand colors to describe it!

Benefit Silky Powder Eye Shadow Benefit Silky Powder Eye Shadow

Moving on from the shade, the texture is the softest, silkiest (hence the name) I have ever felt. It is also extremely pigmented; you barely have to rub your finger to pick up the shadow. Because of it’s texture, blending this on your eye is honestly a dream. I love using it when I want to create a day-time natural cut-crease look.

There is a lot of product in this single eye shadow! 3.5 grams is more than any other single eye shadow I have.

Benefit Silky Powder Eye Shadow

Have you tried this eye shadow or do you have a color similar to it?

Click here for the GUESS AGAIN shade.

Click here for the SHALLOW shade. (shown below)


Click here for the GETAWAY shade. (below)

$_12 (1)