Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation Review

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation

Hi everyone!

I’ve always loved the Smashbox primers but never thought about giving their foundations a try, until a few months ago when I picked this up.

The two things that really stood out to me were that this foundation has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in the ingredients, which is amazing! This allows the foundation to look fresh and not dried out and gross by the end of the day. It barely settles in my laugh lines and looks great after a whole day of wear. It contains no fragrance, which is great because fragrance can sometimes irritate my skin and it is also free of parabens and phthalates.

Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation

This has a nice pump and the product is housed in a thick glass bottle. The product itself is a thick liquid consistency and gives a medium to full coverage; it is buildable. Once it has dried down you get a matte finish but it’s not a flat matte; it is almost satin. I love how fresh it looks on the skin and how it remains looking nice throughout the day; I do get oily after a few hours which is normal for me but when I blot the foundation barely transfers onto the blotting sheet. It does not separate, cake, or exaggerate my pores after about 8 hours of wear; it really is long wearing (however I do not know about the 15 hours claim).

Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation 1.05
Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation in the shade 1.05

I love the shade range because they have many different undertones and I was able to find a very close match to my skin color. The shade range makes it super easy to find your shade online because it gives a skintone shade name and an undertone description below it.

I’am really enjoying this foundation and would recommend for oily skin types; I’ve also read reviews on how great this foundation is for dry skin types as well!

What do you think about this foundation? Let me know down below!

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Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Review + Swatch

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation

Hello everyone!

I love trying out new foundations and finding out which ones work on oily skin. Today I have a foundation from Shiseido that I have been trying out for almost a month and I’m ready to write my thoughts on it.

Starting off with packaging; I really like the frosted glass and the shape of the bottle. I also really enjoy how there is a pump on the foundation – that makes the product more sanitary. However, the cap is a little loose which makes me worried that it might come off if I want to put it in my bag for travel.

This foundation has a liquid formula and is very thin on the skin – you barely feel that you are wearing anything. It has a sunscreen smell to it which may bother you if you don’t like that scent but I don’t mind it. I’ve used this foundation with a brush and sponge and I like how it looks with both, the brush gives a bit more coverage. You get light coverage with one layer but you can build it to an almost medium coverage with two layers. I use a concealer on any breakouts/scars that I have so I only use one layer.

After applying this foundation it only takes a few seconds for it to set and once it does it is transfer-proof and has a demi-matte finish. Because of this quality it lasts very well on oily skin, I don’t feel oily until after the 5th hour where I notice shine on my nose but the foundation stays intact pretty well – it doesn’t break apart as quickly. The only thing I noticed with this is that it can sink into expression lines (around my mouth) which isn’t very flattering but can be fixed by just tapping it lightly to blend.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Shade Neutral 2.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation

This shade is really nice because it is a true neutral – not too pink nor yellow. This is a shade too dark for me but I think the Neutral 1 would be perfect.

Have you tried Shiseido foundations?

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Disclaimer: I received these products from Influenster for reviewing purposes. All of my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup Review + Swatches

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup

Hello again!

I’m back with another foundation review! If you have read my other posts; you already know about my struggle with oily skin and how I haven’t been able to find a foundation that can withstand separating and looking cakey on me after a few hours. This foundation lasts the best on me then any other foundation I have tried thus far; and trust me when I say I have tried a lot of different ones!

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup

So, I should probably mention that this bottle is my second one, after seeing what this can do I can not go back to my other foundations! Starting off with the packaging; I really like how this comes with a pump; I hate having to pour out foundation – I always pour out too much, and this is more sanitary. The bottle contains 30 mL of product which is standard for foundations and the product is housed in a frosted glass which feels very luxurious.

The formula is a liquid/cream consistency; it is slightly runny but is creamy. It has a demi-matte finish; more so matte, which is my preference because of my super oily skin type. However, it isn’t a flat matte (their website describes it as a velvet-matte) – it looks like skin that has been blotted. It blends out so easily and nicely; while your blending it may look a shade or two lighter than your skin but once it sits for a few seconds it looks seamless (this is because it contains color-true NAI pigments). It sets on it’s own after 30 seconds or so but I always follow up with powder so that it can prolong the wear time. I find that using a mattifying primer also helps with the longevity; so I never skip primer and powder.

This foundation is oil-free and has a medium build-able to full coverage. It doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin and doesn’t sink into pores or fine lines. It contains silica and perlite which absorbs oil throughout the day – no wonder it lasts so well on me! It is also fragrance-free which is great since Lancome products tend to have a strong fragrance in them.

Shade 100 Ivoire N – slightly blended out with finger below. This is a fair shade with a neutral undertone.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup 100 Ivoire N

Shade 100 Ivoire N again below but with flash photography. It does have flashback because it contains SPF 15.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Makeup 100 Ivoire N

I absolutely love this foundation – it has a nice finish, lasts decently on me without separating and looking cakey, bottle has a pump, doesn’t make me breakout, blends easily, and is the right shade for me! The only downside is that it won’t look very flattering in flash photography because it contains sunscreen and that it is on the pricier side ($55 CAD) but it’s worth the price for me and I would definitely recommend this foundation for oily skin types!

What is the best foundation you have tried?

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MAC Mineralize Foundation Review + Swatch

MAC Mineralize Foundation

Hello everyone!

I know that this review is on a foundation but my review will be based on how it works as a cream bronzer (hence the darker shade). I have been wanting a long-wearing cream foundation to layer under my bronzer so that my bronzer can last more than just a few hours and I think I have found the perfect product!

MAC Mineralize Foundation NC35

After applying my primer, foundation and concealer, I apply this to the areas where I would bronze. I then set my entire face with translucent powder and then follow up with a powder bronzer on top and continue the rest of my routine. This product melts so nicely into the skin; it looks incredibly natural. It has a hydrating/satin – almost dewy finish that I like in a bronzer because it gives me a healthy glow. It is suppose to be long-wearing (8 hours) and I definitely notice that my bronzer is lasting all day with minimal fading. This product is also non-acnegenic and dermatologist tested.

MAC Mineralize Foundation

The packaging is sturdy, comes with a mirror and has a sponge underneath the product so it is definitely travel friendly.

MAC Mineralize Foundation NC35

MAC Mineralize Foundation nc35

Overall, I really enjoy using this as a cream bronzer; I may even get this in my own shade to use as foundation but I’m not sure how it would work because I have a very oily skin type and this is targeted towards dry/mature skin.

Have you tried this (or any Mac) foundation?

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Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer Review + Swatch

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

Hello everyone!

I’m still on the search for a foundation that works with an oily skin type. If you have a very oily t-zone like myself, then you know the struggle of foundation breaking apart and looking shiny only after a few hours wear.

What intrigued me about this foundation was that it claims to be full coverage (hence the foundation + concealer description), long-lasting (12+ hours), oil-free, does not oxidize, does not clog pores and the color stays true through sweat & humidity.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

This foundation has a cream consistency and a natural-matte finish. I like the applicator because it picks up the perfect amount for the entire face and I do not have to touch the foundation with my fingers during application. I use this with a flat top buffer brush to really blend in the product.

I like how this foundation wears for a few hours; I get a flawless finish and lots of compliments when wearing this. However, it doesn’t look so good after 6 hours or so; it starts to break apart on my chin and around my mouth and looks rather cake-y. I like to use a liquid foundation, because it is thinner in consistency and seems to last longer on me, and then use this on the areas (cheeks usually) where I need more coverage.

I got the lightest shade, 0.5 breeze, this shade has a pink undertone.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

Overall, I like this foundation for when I’m going out for a few hours but this would not be my pick for when I’m out all day. It lived up to the claims that it made except for the long-lasting one for me. I can see this working for someone that doesn’t have such an oily t-zone.

What foundation do you recommend for an oily skin type? Comment below!

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MAC Face and Body Foundation Review + Swatch

MAC Face and Body Foundation

Hello again!

I haven’t done a foundation review in a while so I thought today would be a good day to review this very dewy foundation that is perfect for the summer time! This review is on the shade C1, which is the lightest shade.

In terms of packaging I think this plastic squeeze bottle is great; it contains 50mL of product which is more than a regular foundation bottle. They also offer this in a 120mL bottle as well; both are a great deal given the amount of product you get. The only negative is that it can get a bit messy under the cap since this is a runny formula.

This is a light coverage foundation; you may be able to build it up to a medium coverage. It works best with either your fingers or a very densely packed kabuki, which is what I like to use. This foundation is definitely buildable but the trick is to let each thin layer dry before putting on another layer. The unique thing about this foundation is that it looks like skin; it honestly is not detectable at all; even up close. It does not crease, settle into any lines, look cakey, break apart on oily skin types or cling to dry patches.However, it does not cover much, is a dewy finish and will look incredibly shiny if not set properly and blotted/powdered throughout the day.

C1 squeezed out of the bottle. This very light shade has a yellow undertone.

MAC Face and Body Foundation C1

This claims to be long wearing and water-resistant and I would have to agree with that. Besides the fact that it makes me look extra oily than usual, it does somehow last very well on me without much fading.I also applied this on the back of my hand and ran it under water and it is indeed water-resistant.

What is your go-to foundation during the warmer months?

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Becca Stick Foundation Review + Swatches

Becca Stick Foundation

Hello again!

This is a stick foundation, but I purchased a darker shade to use as a cream bronzer. This review is on the shade “Cappuccino”.

I apply this by drawing on a few lines on the perimeter of my face where I would normally place bronzer (sides of forehead, cheeks, etc.) and then blend out with a brush. The formula is extremely creamy and blends out very well. It has a scent which is neither pleasant nor bothersome. It has a satin finish which looks very natural and fresh/almost dewy. I have to set this lightly with a translucent powder so that it doesn’t transfer since it doesn’t completely set on its own. When set properly this product lasts the entire day with some fading towards the end of the day.

The shade is unique; it is neither too warm toned or cool toned, I would say that this is a neutral shade.

Becca Stick Foundation Cappuccino

Becca Stick Foundation Cappuccino

I really like using this as a bronzer since it gives me a natural seamless look and the color suits my skintone as well.

What is your favourite cream bronzer?

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