Essence Longlasting Lipstick (On the Catwalk) Review + Swatch

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 04 On the Catwalk

Hello again!

This isn’t my first time trying out the Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks – I have a review on another shade here. They have an amazing formulation – I was very excited to receive this other shade to review for you guys!

The unique thing about this line is that the formula is extremely creamy and moisturizing but they aren’t slippery or greasy feeling. I always put on a lip balm before any lip product so that they don’t drag on my lips or accentuate dry patches but with these you could definitely skip the lip balm. They glide on very nicely while staying put and not bleeding outside of the lip line.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick “04 On the Catwalk”

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 04 On the Catwalk

This is a very unique shade – kind of hard for me to describe. It’s a muted dark pink/soft red with a mauve-ish undertone that is very flattering for all skin tones I would imagine. It isn’t bright nor is it too washed out – it’s the perfect medium.

Like I mentioned in my other review these lipsticks aren’t terribly pigmented but they can be built up rather quickly without feeling like you have too much product on your lips. Also, similar to the other lipstick shade these are decent in longevity seeing that they aren’t matte but a nice satin finish. They last about 5 hours but will wear off completely after a meal. They leave a light stain which I don’t mind because it’s uniform and not patchy like some other lipsticks.

I would recommend these lipsticks seeing as they perform very well and are very affordable!

Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm Review

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm

Hi again!

I’ve been reviewing so many skin care products lately and so I thought I would do one more before I turn the focus back on cosmetics. I ordered this on eBay a while back; I needed something for the random blemish I get every now and then.

I have used a bunch of Etude House products in the past and loved every single one, so I was confident about choosing this brand from the other Korean ones. I’ve seen many different acne treatment formulas but this one stood out since I’ve never seen a balm with Salicylic acid; the acne treatment ingredient. I also like that this is targeted towards spots rather than an entire face treatment.

Etude House always has the cutest packaging; this jar has a nice weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap at all. The product itself has a strong medicine scent which doesn’t bother me but I rarely get bothered by fragrance in products. It feels minty and cool upon application and instantly helps with redness however, I don’t seem to notice it doing much for the actual blemish. I also read that this product helps with lightening dark spots and I really haven’t noticed this doing much of that either.

I would recommend this for getting rid of redness if you don’t like wearing makeup to cover a blemish; this is a nice option. Other than that, this product wasn’t effective in actually getting rid of the acne or the acne scar.

What product(s) do you use for acne?

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LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick

Hello again!

I’m so excited about this post because I feel that these shades are perfect for the fall and the formula is great! This review is on the shades OG-Ghoulish, Ghoulish, Latte Confession, Malevolent, and Vindictive.

These claim to be waterproof and transfer-proof and I completely agree that it is both. It takes a little while for the product to dry to a matte finish but once it does, it will not budge at all and is not sticky. I like to apply a thin even coat since it does tend to crack if you apply it on too thick. It doesn’t feel terribly dry but you can sense it on your lips. I have tried to wear this over lip balm and it does not hold up as well as it does on bare lips; it flakes off after a while.

This has a very unpleasant smell but it fades away quickly after it is applied. The color did not fade or move throughout the day until I had lunch, it started to flake off and fade a bit in the middle of my lower lip. I noticed that this happens when I’m having more greasier foods since this product gets removed with oil. At the end of the day I use an oil-based makeup remover; it will not come off with anything else.

Bottom to top: OG-Ghoulish (grey, taupe shade), Ghoulish (beige, nude shade), and Latte (rosey, brown shade).

LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick

Bottom to top: Malevolent (vampy, purple-toned shade) and Vindictive (blue-grey, teal shade).

LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick

All shades were extremely pigmented except for Malevolent which needed two coats hence the patchiness and the thick layer in the swatch. They can accentuate lip lines but this is not as obvious on the lips as it shows up in the hand swatches. These apply on the lips better if you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application. Overall, I enjoyed these liquid lipsticks because of the beautiful shades and the waterproof/transfer-proof formula.

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Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. All my reviews are my honest opinion whether I bought the product(s) or it was sent to me.