Milk Makeup Charcoal Cleanser (with sea water?) Review

Milk Makeup Charcoal Cleanser

Hi everyone!

This is the first product that I’ve tried from Milk Makeup, mainly because they aren’t really talked about and have never grabbed my attention. Until this product; as someone with extremely oily skin I love anything with charcoal in it. Charcoal is meant to help with oil control as it absorbs oil and other toxins in the skin.

Milk Makeup Charcoal Cleanser

The packaging is pretty simple but cool. I like the see-through plastic with white lettering and the product itself is black so it’s a nice contrast. It comes with a squeeze bottle which I don’t mind because the cap pops off and doesn’t twist off. I absolutely hate twist off caps for cleansers because I have to grab the bottle with wet hands and try to twist it open & close – it’s the worst!

The product itself has a pleasant scent; almost shampoo-like and it foams up slightly while remaining a bit creamy at the same time. I definitely feel like it does a good job with removing oils and left over makeup but it doesn’t strip my skin afterwards – I don’t get the skin pulling sensation which drying face washes give.

This cleanser includes interesting ingredients such as Vitamin E and marine water – like actual sea water is listed in the ingredients (not exactly sure what that’s good for, comment below if you do please!). Also, I don’t recall seeing Vitamin E in a cleanser either but I guess that’s why I don’t feel like this cleanser sucks the life out of my skin afterwards. Overall, I’m enjoying this cleanser and have already bought a back up since I’m actually rather picky with cleansers and this gets the job done!

What do you recommend from Milk Makeup?

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7 thoughts on “Milk Makeup Charcoal Cleanser (with sea water?) Review

  1. I feel like Milk Makeup has some really unusual but great products I personally love their bronzer that’s in stick form, it’s so blendable for contouring/just adding color. Also, they have these awesome golf flecks that were awesome for music festival season (they were pretty, not overbearing) I’m currently excited to try their mascara! Patiently waiting to finish my others! Love this review short and sweet, well done.

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    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Yes I heard of their Kush mascara seems interesting… I’m definitely interested in trying more stuff from them after this! I’ve also been interested in trying out the toner in a stick – very innovative.


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