Morphe 35O Palette Review + Swatches

Morphe 35O Palette

Hi everyone!

This is my most used palette ever. I completely understand the hype on this because the shades are gorgeous and the quality is really good! It has everything you need in one palette – shimmers/mattes, warm shades/cool shades, light shades/dark shades. All except a matte black which is a bit disappointing.

Morphe 35O Palette

So I’ve had this palette for over a year and just now realized that I did not do a review on this! This is why the palette looks practically untouched in these pictures – I have hit pan on multiple shades currently! I won this in a blog giveaway (link below) and was beyond excited to try it out given the amazing reviews that it had online.

The packaging is fairly decent; it does not include a mirror but it isn’t bad since I’ve had this for over a year and haven’t broken it yet. However, if you drop it on hard wood I can imagine the shadows either coming loose or shattering in the palette.

I really like how they included different types of finishes in one palette; you have matte, satin, shimmer, metallic, and duo chrome. The matte finishes are so blend-able and creamy! The shimmers and metallic finishes can be slightly powdery but I apply them with my finger and that minimizes the fallout. I know there are so many swatches available online but I did a few to give you an idea of the great pigmentation and creaminess of these shadows if you haven’t seen them yet.

A few of the matte shades – swatched with fingers.

Morphe 35O Palette

Shimmer shades swatched with fingers.

Morphe 35O Palette

These pictures don’t do them justice; they are incredibly gorgeous especially in outdoor lighting.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this palette. I’ve heard Morphe charges a lot on shipping but other than that this is a great buy and I would definitely purchase this once most of the shades are finished.

Click here to purchase.

I won this product in a giveaway. Click here to visit Melissa’s blog!

19 thoughts on “Morphe 35O Palette Review + Swatches

  1. I really do wanna get this palette but lately I’ve been hearing mixed reviews. Not just about the palettes but about the brand itself. And I kept waiting to see if their products were cruelty free cause they claimed they were but were giving very vague answers. And finally, cruelty free kitty announced last month (like two weeks ago I think), that they finally confirmed it was cruelty free. Still gotta think it over though. There were a few people who said some shades were inconsistent or chalky. Did you find that in this palette? Maybe it’s the batches.

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    • Glad that they are cruelty free!! Some of the shades are powdery but once I place it on my eyelid it blends out quickly and doesn’t look patchy. As a whole I really like this palette and I use it everyday – the colors are very practical for daily use.

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