MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Review + Swatches

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Hi everyone!

This concealer was talked about so much a couple of years ago until other products stole the lime light. I never got to try this out until recently and thought I would give my review on it to remind you guys that this is a pretty awesome concealer!

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

This concealer is packaged in a very unique way – I don’t have any other concealer that comes in a glass bottle with a tiny pump. I’ve heard the horror stories of people dropping this and shattering the glass so I will not be carrying this in my purse or travelling with it. The pump is nice however, you can’t control the amount you pump out. It’s either a full pump or nothing and for me this isn’t a big deal because that’s the perfect amount for my under eyes, eyelids, and to highlight the chin/forehead.

M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer

There are a bunch of claims online about this product being long wearing (15hrs) while also being transfer and water resistant. I do find this concealer to be incredibly long wearing; it does not fade after a full day. It stays looking the same; doesn’t crease when set with powder or look dry after a few hours. The product is described to have a full matte coverage and I would give this an almost full coverage with a soft matte finish. It feels incredibly light weight under the eyes and I’m guessing that’s because this is a liquid consistency.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC15. One pump on back of hand.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC15

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC15. Spread out slightly to show undertone and coverage. This particular shade is very fair with a light yellow undertone.

M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer NC15

This is a really nice concealer so if you haven’t found a concealer that you are happy with this is definitely worth a try! And if you already own this, pull it out and start using it again!

Have you tried the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer? What did you think?

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MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ (Rose, Coconut, Lavender) Review

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Rose Coconut Lavender

Hello again!

I purchased this set a while ago and wasn’t going to do a review on it since this is a limited edition set (Snow Ball collection) that MAC came out with during the holidays. However, once I heard that they made these scents permanent I knew I wanted to talk about them!

I had stayed clear from setting sprays in general for a while because I had bad experiences with a few products that I will review soon. Some have a horrible nozzle and tend to spray blobs of liquid onto your face, some have horrible scents, and some just do absolutely nothing for you. So when I saw this set I’m not going to lie; I was excited because of the different scents and bought it right away.

The first time I tried this, it was on bare skin and I liked how it sunk in and gave a slight glow/dewy-ness to my skin. Bare in mind that I currently have dehydrated (due to dry/cold Canadian winter) but very oily skin. I then tried this out once I had done a full face of makeup and I realized that this just smoothed out my foundation and settled down my powder and just gave a nice creamy effect to my skin. I did not feel that this prolonging my makeup nor did I expect it to. I know this has moisturizing properties and I just wanted it to freshen my makeup or to give some moisture to my skin on no makeup days, which it did and therefore I’m happy with it.

The Rose scent is very pleasant and not too crazy overpowering. The lavender is nice and mild even though it has to be my least favourite out of the three. The coconut scent is my favourite! – though the color is the least attractive. The mist is very fine and isn’t too harsh (distributes evenly) and I love how this little set allows you to try them all. Each bottle has 30ml of product.

What is your favourite scent? Let me know down below!

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MAC Zac Posen Collection Lipstick Review + Swatch

MAC Zac Posen Sheer Madness

Hello again!

Today I’m doing a review on this lipstick from the Spring 2016 MAC X Zac Posen collection. I have seen these limited edition products being sold online (eBay, Amazon) and in store (warehouse sales) and so I thought that a review might be helpful if you happen to spot this somewhere.

MAC Zac Posen Sheer Madness

Firstly, the packaging of this lipstick is a bit bulky but I like the shape and feel of it. This has a very sweet cupcake scent which I enjoy; I don’t feel that it is over powering. The formula is very similar to that of a lip balm as it glides on the lips and feels moisturizing. It lasts for a few hours if you do not eat or drink but it isn’t at all long wearing.

Swatched on my hand below; the iridescence that this shade has is not detectable in the photo below but this lipstick has a beautiful pink/gold shine to it that would suit every skin tone. This shade really doesn’t have much color at all; just a nice shine so it can be used as a lipstick or lipliner topper.

MAC Zac Posen Sheer Madness

Would I recommend this for the full price? – No, but if you happen to find this on sale somewhere and you need something like this then yes, I would recommend it.

Have you tried anything from this collection?

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MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick Labradorable Review + Swatches

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Hi everyone!

I was super curious to try a different formula of lipstick from MAC and this looked interesting because it is a mineral lipstick that claims to be super moisturizing.

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick Labradorable

I love the packaging; it is a bit bulky but it has a magnetic closure and looks sleek with the matte and shiny black. I also love wearing deep purple/wine shades in the winter and wanted something moisturizing that wouldn’t suck the life out of my lips in the colder months.

The lipstick itself feels extremely balmy and is very soft and creamy however, the pigment is underwhelming. In one swipe (see picture below) I get a very light uneven pigmentation; there is a lot of product on my hand but it’s a clear balm. However it can be built up to a nice shade but the amount of product on the bottom swatch is crazy it would feel so weird on the lips and not to mention bleed outside of the lines at the first movement.

I do like the feeling of this and perhaps this formula doesn’t work well with such a dark shade. I could see this working much better with a nude shade. It claims to be long lasting but this formula doesn’t stay on very long, however this dark shade does leave a nice pink stain.

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick Labradorable

Unfortunately this formula in this shade was a let-down for me; I was expecting much more. e.l.f. has great mineral lipsticks that are super pigmented and moisturizing and not to mention only $3.00!

What is your favourite mineral lipstick?

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MAC Eye Brows Crayon in Stylized Review + Swatches

MAC Eye Brows Crayon

Hello everyone!

I realized that I use the same brow products everyday and hardly experiment with new brow pencils or brow gels. I’ve seen amazing reviews online on this brow pencil so I was excited to give it a try!

MAC Eye Brows Crayon Stylized

First off, the packaging is decent – it is a mechanical pencil that is “self-sharpening” which basically means it’s very thin so there is no need for sharpening. Once you twist the product up it won’t go back down; lots of mechanical brow pencils are like that so watch out! I like that it is very thin so I can draw “hair-like” strokes; the end result is much more natural than a brow pomade or a thicker pencil. The downside of the packaging is that it doesn’t contain a spoolie on the other side which I think is essential.

The color that I got is described on the website as “brown” with no indication of the undertone so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, this brown has a slight warm undertone but isn’t as pronounced if you run this very lightly on the brows. The actual product is slightly dry and waxy so you need decent pressure to get pigmentation which isn’t so bad in my opinion because it prevents the infamous “sharpie brow”. The lasting power of this brow pencil is great – doesn’t fade or smudge the entire day!

MAC Eye Brows Crayon in “Stylized”. One layer on top swatch, multiple layers on bottom swatch.

MAC Eye Brows Crayon Stylized

Overall, I think this is a good brow pencil but I think I prefer the Etude House brow pencil over this; better price and a better shade for me.

What is your current brow routine (products)?

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MAC Mineralize Foundation Review + Swatch

MAC Mineralize Foundation

Hello everyone!

I know that this review is on a foundation but my review will be based on how it works as a cream bronzer (hence the darker shade). I have been wanting a long-wearing cream foundation to layer under my bronzer so that my bronzer can last more than just a few hours and I think I have found the perfect product!

MAC Mineralize Foundation NC35

After applying my primer, foundation and concealer, I apply this to the areas where I would bronze. I then set my entire face with translucent powder and then follow up with a powder bronzer on top and continue the rest of my routine. This product melts so nicely into the skin; it looks incredibly natural. It has a hydrating/satin – almost dewy finish that I like in a bronzer because it gives me a healthy glow. It is suppose to be long-wearing (8 hours) and I definitely notice that my bronzer is lasting all day with minimal fading. This product is also non-acnegenic and dermatologist tested.

MAC Mineralize Foundation

The packaging is sturdy, comes with a mirror and has a sponge underneath the product so it is definitely travel friendly.

MAC Mineralize Foundation NC35

MAC Mineralize Foundation nc35

Overall, I really enjoy using this as a cream bronzer; I may even get this in my own shade to use as foundation but I’m not sure how it would work because I have a very oily skin type and this is targeted towards dry/mature skin.

Have you tried this (or any Mac) foundation?

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MAC Face and Body Foundation Review + Swatch

MAC Face and Body Foundation

Hello again!

I haven’t done a foundation review in a while so I thought today would be a good day to review this very dewy foundation that is perfect for the summer time! This review is on the shade C1, which is the lightest shade.

In terms of packaging I think this plastic squeeze bottle is great; it contains 50mL of product which is more than a regular foundation bottle. They also offer this in a 120mL bottle as well; both are a great deal given the amount of product you get. The only negative is that it can get a bit messy under the cap since this is a runny formula.

This is a light coverage foundation; you may be able to build it up to a medium coverage. It works best with either your fingers or a very densely packed kabuki, which is what I like to use. This foundation is definitely buildable but the trick is to let each thin layer dry before putting on another layer. The unique thing about this foundation is that it looks like skin; it honestly is not detectable at all; even up close. It does not crease, settle into any lines, look cakey, break apart on oily skin types or cling to dry patches.However, it does not cover much, is a dewy finish and will look incredibly shiny if not set properly and blotted/powdered throughout the day.

C1 squeezed out of the bottle. This very light shade has a yellow undertone.

MAC Face and Body Foundation C1

This claims to be long wearing and water-resistant and I would have to agree with that. Besides the fact that it makes me look extra oily than usual, it does somehow last very well on me without much fading.I also applied this on the back of my hand and ran it under water and it is indeed water-resistant.

What is your go-to foundation during the warmer months?

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